Chester A. Arthur

What is Chester A Arthur famous for?

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He was the 21st president and severed one term because while severing he was shot

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What was Chester A Arthur famous for?

I think he was famous for becoming vice president

What did Chester A Arthur use?

what did chester a. arthur love?

What was Chester Alan Arthur famous for?

Chester Alan Arthur served as Vice President of the United States, and later as President following the death of President James Garfield.

When did Arthur Chester die?

Arthur Chester died in 1915.

How old was chester Arthur when he died?

Chester Arthur was 57 when he died.

Who was the vice president in 1881 for Chester A Arthur?

Chester A. Arthur was a republican

What was chester a Arthur children names?

William Lewis Herndon Arthur Chester Alan Arthur Ellen Herndon Arthur

Did Chester A Arthur have a pet?

no. there is no record of chester A Arthur having any pets

Who was the last president to never have a vice President?

chester A arthur chester A arthur

Was Chester Alan Arthur Republican?

Yes Chester Alan Arthur was a Republican.

When was Chester Arthur Phillips born?

Chester Arthur Phillips was born in 1882.

When did Chester Arthur Phillips die?

Chester Arthur Phillips died in 1976.

What political party did Chester Arthur belong to?

Chester Arthur belonged to the Republican party.

When and how did chester a Arthur die?

Chester A. Arthur die of Bright's disease in November 18,1886.

Did president chester a Arthur have any pets?

No. Chester Allan Arthur did not have any pets.

When was Chester A. Arthur Home created?

Chester A. Arthur Home was created in 1886.

Where is the Chester A Arthur Home in Enosburg Falls Vermont located?

The address of the Chester A Arthur Home is: 4588 Chester Arthur Rd, Enosburg Falls, VT 05450

Who was the 21st president?

Chester Alan Arthur was the 21st President of the United States, serving from September 19, 1881 to March 4, 1885Chester A. ArthurChester Alan Arthur was number 21.

Who are some of the famous people from Vermont?

Calivin Coolidge, Chester Arthur and some other people but i for got.

What is the name of President Chester A Arthur dog?

There is no record of any pets while Chester Arthur was President.

What year did Chester Arthur take office?

Chester Arthur took place in the preident's office was in 1881

What was the last name of the US president whose first name was Chester?

Arthur Chester Alan Arthur

Who was the US President after Chester Alan Arthur?

Grover Cleveland was the US President after Chester Alan Arthur.

What was President Chester Alan Arthur favorite food?

Chester Alan Arthur enjoyed mutton chops.

When did Inauguration of Chester A. Arthur happen?

Inauguration of Chester A. Arthur happened on 1881-09-20.

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