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What is Christmas tree without decoration?


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Undecorated christmas tree


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The common decoration for the top of a Christmas tree, is a star.

Tinsel as a Christmas tree decoration originated in Nuremberg, Germany around 1610. Before that, it was used primarily as a decoration for sculptures.

The primary Christmas decoration in France is the Christmas tree (or, in French, sapin de noel).

A yule tree is an evergreen tree used as a decoration at Christmas time, also known as a Christmas tree.

A star or an angel is the most common decoration to put on the top of a Christmas tree.

The most important Christmas decoration of all is a tree. You can purchase a real tree or an artificial one, and decorate it with lights and ornaments.

The glittering material that is used as a Christmas decoration is tinsel. This tinsel is often used on the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree balls, Stars, litle santas, Christmas tree lights.

On the top of every Christmas tree there should be what is called a Star.

A huge christmas tree with colourful bunbuns

The hink-pink for a Christmas decoration that has been donated to you is a 'free-tree'.

A star or an angel is the most common decoration to put on top of a Christmas tree.

A Christmas door decoration is called a reef. A reef is like a green ring that is similar to a Christmas tree and has different decorations attached to it.

Some people have a star or an angel on top of their Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree is a traditional Christmas decoration in Iceland. Most people have live trees in their homes. Trees are decorated with garland, lights, and ornaments.

Tinsel is a decoration commonly used at Christmas on the tree

The main Christmas holiday decoration in most Mexican homes is the Christmas tree. Poinsettias are also used on most homes.

a decoration, like christmasballs in a christmas tree, or beautiful shiny lights.

A star is the most common decoration although you can use a fairy.

Electric lights, balls, angels, stars.

The House Without a Christmas Tree was created in 1972.

I would describe someone as a walking Christmas tree if that person was wearing a ridiculously excessive amount of decoration.

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