What is Club Penguin?

Club Penguin is an online game at a multiplayer website in a world covered by snow. It allows players to walk around as penguins, make buddies, and talk to other players. You can buy clothes and dress up and decorate your igloo if you are a member. You can play cool games or just hang out! There is always something going on in Club Penguin such as parties, secret rooms, Ninja spottings, and much more. You can also become a tour guide and secret agent! You can have a pet called a puffle! It is an excellent site! It rocks! (See related links for website address). === === ---- Club penguin is an online game. All you need to do is make a penguin, by picking a name,password and colour.You also then need to read through the rules and stuff.(its free don't worry). Then once you have an account on club penguin you can waddle around and make new friends. You can also collect pins which are little objects, each pin is different and they come out once every 2 weeks. You can also play games which will give you coins (not in real life) and then once you have coins you can buy clothes, furniture and puffles (puffles are little fury pets that come in a lot of different colours). But you need to be a member (which will cost money) to buy all these things. If you don't become a member, that's fine, because you can get stuff when parties or new rooms are unlocked. I love club penguin, its the best, so remember to tell all your friends! ---- It is a safe game. You might find as you are playing that some words that you type would not go through. This is because Club Penguin has a special filter that sences all of the inappropriate words. There is also a feature that gives you a limited choice of words. This helps keep the fun and the safety. ---- There are many games multiplayer, and single player included on this website. You will earn coins while playing these games. These coins will be spent on various things such as buying a virtual pet called a "puffle", to sending cards to all your penguin friends. Which reminds me... you or your child will get to interact with friends on this web site. Again remember this web site is very safe and secure.
Club Penguin is a cool game where you are a penguin and you can buy clothes, homes, pets and others.