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He doesn't have one but he has a fan page

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When your Facebook account is expired, you will either have to create a new account.

You have to sign up on Facebook website to create a new account on this social networking platform.

Yes he can! He raps in his new song "Evening in London".

I used to play Mafiawars on Myspace before they moved it to Then I linked it to an old Facebook account. I want to unlink it and link it to my new Facebook account. Is there a way to do that? I also already have a mafiawars account on my new Facebook. Please tell me there is still a way to get the old mafiawars account onto my new Facebook regardless of the circumstances.

If playing the GameDesire version, create a new account on their website, then donate all chips from facebook account to new account name BEFORE you merge your new account and facebook account, otherwise you will LOSE ALL CHIPS.....then merge both accounts on their website, and then your new username will be used on the facebook app as well as their site itself

His favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.

You have to sign up on Facebook website to do this.

Cody Simpsons tour will begin Thu, Jul 18 in New York, then Sat, Jul 20 in Boston, and lastly Tue, Jul 23 in Royal Oak. Cody Simpson was born in Australia in 1997.

Cody SimpsonCody Simpson's official fan mail address is: Cody Simpsonc/o Alantic Records1290 Avenue of theAmericas, 28 Fl.New York, NY 10104if you don't believe that that's the real one idc because it was in a magazine all about Cody Simpson im his #1 Fan Girls.

no one know why it does this but the facebook team! so what you have to do is set up a new account

Unfortunately zynga have made it impossible to switch a zynga game account to another facebook account

I don't think it's possible to reset your account on Facebook. However, you can always try creating a new one. Deleting your current Facebook account and making a new one with the same name will not work. Facebook does not allow this for security reasons.

No, He Lives In LA. His Hometown is Gold Coast, Australia.

Yes he got a new iPhone just after he found out about his famous career

so em u mean, is it necessary to have an email account to create a new facebook page? if the question is so then yes. if u don't have a facebook account then is necessary for u to create an email account but if u own a facebook account u can use your old email address but its important the password. the password should not be the same with your old facebook account. thx :)

before you log in sign up for facebook x

Make a new facebook account, if he often blocks you, make new accounts.

He currently has a tutor in his new hometown, Los Angeles, California

If you signed up before Facebook became a requirement to new registrations then you can still sign in with your old account, just click the "Sign in" button under "Legacy account member?" If you joined via Facebook or want to register a new account then you can only sign in via your Facebook account.

Facebook keeps no record of how many accounts are on your computer, so you can simply log out of the existing account and create a new one, neither account will go away unless you choose to terminate it! You cannot terminate a facebook account...