What is Combiflam?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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Combiflam is a combination of the over the counter medications Paracetemol (AKA Acetaminophen/AKA Tylenol) and ibuprofen (AKA Advil). Ibuprofen is an NSAID (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug), and Paracetemol/Acetaminophen is a common over the counter pain relief medication.

The two drugs seem to work together in a "1+1=3" action, making the combination more effective together than either would be separately, and seemingly more effective in combination than the drug combination should theoretically allow.

Current litrature states that Paracetemol's pain relief action lies almost exclusively within the brain, whereas Ibuprofen's pain relief action lies more heavily within the body (It's Anti-Inflammatory component). It is likely that this dual action on body and brain account for the synergistic action of the combination.

Dosage seems to be a very important key, and a key in avoiding overdose of either class of drug.

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Q: What is Combiflam?
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When to use combiflam?

use it

Is combiflam a pain killer?


How many combiflam tablets can be taken in one day?


Is Combiflam a banned drug outside India and what is the reason of it?

Combiflam is an over the counter medication which treats colds and flu. It is not a banned drug in most countries outside of India for the reason that it is generally harmless.

What is the best for fever and headache?

combiflam is best medicine for fever , headache and body pain.

Can you take cetzine and combiflam together?

Not sure... But doctor has given me like that... Mox 500 / Cambiflam + Cetzine.

Can combiflam be taken for delaying periods?

This combination of two drugs will not help you for delayed menstruation. It is good as an analgesic only.

Can you drink alcohol while taking combiflam?

Unless you wish to hasten your departure from this world to another one, DO NOT mix alcohol with any sort of medication.... Combiflam is a painkiller, a combination of Paracetemol and Ibuprofen.... If you google search and read about these 2 drugs, you will notice that these two are highly potent painkillers.... A combination drug like Combiflam is therefore, even more potent.... Remember the golden rules : 1) NEVER : mix alcohol and medication, the side-effects can be catastrophic and potentially FATAL.... 2) NEVER : consume alcohol immediately after taking any sort of medication, be it a painkiller like Combiflam or any other analgesic (like Dispirin or Anacin).... The rest is up to you....

What is the best dosage for Combiflam?

2 per day with the gap of 8-10 hrs. DURING excessive pain dont take more 4 tablets a day.

What should you take for a fever?

One can take a pain killer(analgesics) for fever. Paracetamol can serve the purpose for mild fever. Combiflam is stronger drug and can treat severe fever.

What is the medicine of baltod?

the common medicine i usually take is: 1. a pain killer: like combiflam 2. an antibiotic: like ciplox always put some cotton on the baltod so that the excretes does not affect the skin around the baltod...