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What is Competitors pricing method?


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A way of determining prices based on what competitors are selling their products for.


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competitive pricing because of all its competitors

Penetration pricing is a pricing strategy in which company select reduce price as comparison to competitors to penetrate in market and tries to wipe out the competition.

Predatory means "in the manner of a predator." Predatory pricing is designed to drive competitors out of business by pricing so low that the competition can't compete.

Globally, Heineken utilizes the premium pricing policy. This is effective as the Heineken brand is unique to that of competitors.

· Great for smaller companies with larger competitors

Predatory pricing is what you call a pricing strategy where you offer the same products and services for a lesser price than your competitors.

Value based pricing is a method of pricing a product based on perceived value. This method sets aside the issue of production and distribution costs and focuses more on what the buyer is willing to pay. This method of pricing is the most popular way to bring more profits to a company's table.

If pricing includes a low profit margin, then other potential competitors can't get started because they can't recover their startup costs.

Taking pricing decision is one of the critical factors of business. to take the pricing decision a proper research needs to be carriedout such as on the product availability, competitor's pricing strategy, customer's perceived pricing, customers willingness to pay the price of the product, demand factor etc. The pricing decision influences the demand of the product in the market, the pricing strategy of the competitors, the profitabilty of the company and the most important is the customer decision on purchasing the product such as which barnd product to but and which not, which will give the major satisfaction to the customer by rendering the higher value at the lesser price then the competitors.

Its the most commonly used here pricing is done on the basis of cost variables. The cost of manufacturing/ procurement/ inventory are held more important than other factors while determining the pricing. Here the goal is sustaining into the industry.

Pricing will be as per the demand and cost conditions. The producers have the freedom to charge their prices . However, prices tend to be more or less the same

Cars are usually priced competitively. They are priced according to competitors in their class. Pricing determines the market segmentation of the vehicle. The number of luxury features also determines the price.

Burger king release a new burger at £1.99, McDonalds release the same burger at £1.40. This is destroyer pricing. Lowering your prices so your competitors lose their market.

It had used predatory pricing to drive competitors out of business

Similarity is that both tend to push the price levels `lower' Difference is in the `objective' or `orientation' or `thought' behind the pricing strategy Penetration Pricing is when the price is pegged at a rate that very price-sensitive segments find acceptable. e.g. Nokia 1100 when introduced in Indian markets. The objective is to open up newer market segments Predatory Pricing is when prices are set lower than average selling prices of industry and competitors. Objective is to put pressure on competitors and price them out of the market

Pricing driven by a company's internal factors. The company will take a stock of all the internal costs and determine a pricing that will ensure a return. e.g. Cost plus method.

The merits of the sampling methods takes the right products to the right customers. The demerit of this pricing method is that there are some goods which can't be sold therefore leading to losses.

Mc Donalds follows Value pricing as it offers its products at a much cheaper rate as compared to its competitors like KFC etc.It also uses bundling strategy by offering combo packs to increase overall combination with competitive pricing.

First of all have a look at your competitors prices. Then simply ask your target market about different pricing, introducing your products/services to them and you will see how much your potential future clients are ready to spend on your things.

Progressive Insurance offers comparison pricing of their competitors. There are also other companies who offer pricing comparisons of insurance quotes. Some of them are Insure, FindTheBest, CarInsurance, Auto Insurance Finders.

Red Bull believes its customers will pay a higher price for the product because of the quality and benefits. This leads them to price Red Bull higher than the products of its competitors. This is called premium pricing strategy.

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Competition based pricing is a price set by a company for a product to compete with another company's pricing. Production and distribution costs are ignored to drive demand towards another brand. This method of pricing can cause a long-term decrease in product perception and decrease a product's value for future profits.

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