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What is Conjestive heart failure?

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A progressively worsening condition that reflects weakening of the myocardium by varuous conditions which damage it in different ways. Coronary atherosclerosis, persistent high blood pressure, multiple myocardial infarcts etc...

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What is the average settlement in Darvocet lawsuit cases?

I have a defibulator and pacemaker inserted and was sent for a heart transplant, I had conjestive heart failure. what would my settlement be?

What is it called heart failure on the left side of the heart?

congestive heart failure

What can Heart Failure lead to?

Heart Failure can lead to heart disease,heart attack and death.

How did Albert Einstein get killed?

he had heart failure he had heart failure

What is the failure of the left side of the heart called?

heart FAILure

How did Mother Teresa's mother die?

by heart failureby heart failure

What is one cause of heart failure?

Plants cause heart failure

What is a diagnosis of benign hypertensive heart disease without heart failure?

congestive heart failure

Congestion heart failure?

Look up Congestive Heart Failure or Heart Failure. Left sided heart failure is the most common. It will usually result in shortness of breath. Right sided heart failure usually causes swelling primarily in the legs. There is no cure. But it can be managed with medication.

Can Cor pulmonale lead to heart failure?

This condition can lead to heart failure

What is the condition in which the heart is unable to pump adequate amounts of blood to the tissues and ofrgans?

heart failure

Is weightlifting a cause of heart failure?

No not at all, if you take steroids they can lead to heart failure.

What is the difference between heart disease and heart failure?

Heart Disease implies any disease of the heart, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease, etc. Heart failure is a condition where the heart muscle has weakened and the heart is not pumping properly.

What is the prognosis for patients with severe heart failure?

Patients with severe heart failure may eventually have to consider heart transplantation.

Is congestive heart failure life threatening?

Yes. "Heart Failure" gives you the first hint.

What is the correct coding for congestive heart failure with hypertension?

Diagnosis: Congestive heart failure. What is the condition?

Is heart failure and congestive heart failure the same?

Both terms refer to the same condition.

How common is heart failure in rats?

heart failure is not common in rats, as they usually die from tumors.

Is heart failure preventable?

The best way to try to prevent heart failure is to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise, but many causes of heart failure cannot be prevented.

What is common for right sided congestive heart failure?

The moat common cause for right sided heart failure is left sided heart failure. You have raised jugular venous pressure, enlarged liver and edema feet seen in right heart failure.

What is insufficiency of the heart?

Congestive Heart failure.

Where does heart failure take place?

in the heart

What are some causes of heart failure?

Defects of the heart valves, congenital heart diseases, alcoholism, and drug abuse cause damage to the heart that can all lead to heart failure.

How and when did toni stone die?

She died of heart failure on November ,2 of heart failure in Alameda, California.

What is the diffence between hart failure and an heart attack?

heart failure is when you have it , you're going to die, and heart attack, you may be able to live

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