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What is Control in Accounting?

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A control is some type of device or procedure that attempts to limit the possibility of a transaction to be manipulated.

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What has the author Jerold L Zimmerman written?

Jerold L. Zimmerman has written: 'Accounting for decision making and control' -- subject(s): Managerial accounting, Management, Decision making, Accounting 'Accounting for decision making and control' -- subject(s): Managerial accounting

Why responsibility accounting is a fundamental part of the Management Accounting Control System MACS?

Responsibility accounting helps in the management accounting and the managerial control of a business. It fixes the responsibility of the individual performance and the operation results so that it is not a vague concept.

What must be in place brfore you create an accounting validation control?

An accounting code structure

What must be in place before you create an accounting validation control?

An accounting code structure.

Managerial accounting is what type of accounting?

Managerial accounting is a type of accounting which is concerned with providing information to managers that is, people inside an organization who direct and control its operation.

What are the objectives of material control in cost accounting?

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What are the function of the government in accounting?

to control the money

How do you establish which cardholder accounts a specific accounting validation control (AVC) applies to?

How do you establish which cardholder accounts a specific accounting validation control (AVC) applies to

What are the limitations of management accounting?

the limitations of management accounting is the process of control for business raw material

What has the author Robert Newton Anthony written?

Robert Newton Anthony has written: 'Essentials in Accounting' 'Instructor's manual to accompany Management control systems' 'Rethinking the rules of financial accounting' -- subject(s): Accounting, Financial statements 'Fundamentals of management accounting' -- subject(s): Cost accounting, Managerial accounting, Accounting 'Management control systems and corporate finace MBA 521' 'Management control in nonprofit organizations' -- subject(s): Nonprofit organizations, Accounting, Managerial accounting 'Shoe machinery: buy or lease?' -- subject(s): Boots and shoes, Trade and manufacture 'Management accounting principles' -- subject(s): Managerial accounting, Cost accounting 'Accounting principles' -- subject(s): Accounting, Managerial accounting 'A reference guide to essentials of accounting' -- subject(s): Accounting

What has the author A P Robson written?

A. P. Robson has written: 'Essential accounting for managers' -- subject(s): Accounting, Cost control, Managerial accounting

Which ledger contains control accounts?

A general ledger contains control accounts. This type of accounting system allows for more detailed accounting details to be entered into a separate ledger altogether.

Should everyone study accounting?

Yes, everyone should study accounting because understanding accounting will help them with their finances. Knowing where your money is will give you control over your life.

Uses of accounting information by accounting users?

It assists in the control of business transactions also it provides information on persons or objects of an entity

What is the name of the branch of accounting concerned with providiing managers and administrators with information to facilitate the planning and control of business operation?

Management Accounting

What classification of accounting is most concerned with the use of economic and financial information to plan and control many of the activities of the entity?

financial accounting

What are accounting processes that are readily performed by a computer?

payroll stock control

What might a shopkeeper use a spreadsheet for?

Stock control, accounting, wages.

What are some topics for an accounting project?

Some topics for an accounting project include the evaluation of internal control system, and the impact of different methods of depreciation. The effects of financial accounting reporting on business management can also be an accounting project topic.

What are theProspects of accounting internal control departments to banks?

Prenumbered printed checks are an example of which internal control principle

What has the author Lawrence H Malchman written?

Lawrence H. Malchman has written: 'Foundations of accounting for managerial control' -- subject(s): Accounting

What are the differences between accounting system and accounting information system?

accounting is a interesting field and it is a business transaction and preparation financial statements and accounting information system it is a system of information provides.because of information provides the management can control a business. writer, sakibrubel

What has the author Leslie Chadwick written?

Leslie Chadwick has written: 'Essential finance and accounting for managers' -- subject(s): Financial statements, Managerial accounting 'Financial Management' 'The grey areas of accounting concepts and conventions' 'Cost Accounting and Quantitative Methods' 'Management and Control of Capital in Industry' 'Essential financial accounting' -- subject(s): Accounting

What are the necessities of cost accounting?

Basically, cost accounting is an area of accounting that measures, records & reports the product cost. It is important or necessary generally for 2 purposes. 1. determine cost. 2. control cost.

What has the author Jerrold M Solomon written?

Jerrold M. Solomon has written: 'Accounting for world class operations' -- subject(s): Managerial accounting, Production control, Manufacturing industries, Accounting 'Leading Lean'