What is DTV?

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DTV stands for Digital Television.

It is a new standard for high-definition television broadcasts.

Additional InformationCurrently TV stations are broadcasting in ANALOG and DIGITAL.

Analog signals are waves (like radio waves), so broadcasters can only transmit one station on one wave (the old channel dial basically changed the frequency so you could see different channels).

Digital broadcasted signals are much more efficient. You can send a digital signal that contains multiple channels. A converter box, either separate or built into the TV, reads the digital signal and separates it into many channels. The picture is a better quality because more information can be stored on the digital signal. Analog waves are often interrupted by weather, buildings etc.

On February 17, 2009 all broadcasters, by law, must stop transmitting in analog and go fully digital. This means that if you have a TV with an antenna on the roof, or rabbit ears, you won't be able to receive a signal. To avoid throwing out your TV you'll need a converter box (the government is willing to pay for it by way of a 100% rebate)

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Q: What is DTV?
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