What is DVI?

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DVI stands for Digital Video Interface.

It's a connection standard for televisions, projectors, and Computer Monitors.

The DVI is a multi-pin connector, like you would use to connect a printer to a computer. It is made for carrying high-resolution video signals.

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Q: What is DVI?
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What 2 types of connectors can be on DVI cables?

DVI- Digital (DVI-D) Supports digital display only. DVI- Integrated (DVI- I) Supports both digital and analog display By Joseph Julius (man from Mpwapwa- Tanzania)

What is better DVI or HDMI with HDMI to DVI adapter?

HDMI is superior to DVI, but if you use it with an HDMI-to-DVI adapter I believe the quality is limited to the DVI quality (unfortunately I've never had a monitor or TV with an HDMI input, so I've only used HDMI with an HDMI-to-DVI adapter).

How do you connect dvi PC output to lcd dvi input?

You will need a DVI cable. Note that DVI can be a digital signal, an analog signal or both. Look in the manuals the see which the computer and monitor support. It is normally digital, which might be referred to as DVI-D. If analog is supported, it will be called a DVI-A. A DVI connection that carries both will be called a DVI-I. If you find you have a choice, use the digital signal rather than the analog.

Can you use a dvi 24 plus 5 in a dvi 24 plus 1 port?

Yes. You can use a DVI 24 plus 5 in a DVI 24 plus 1 port.

HD DVD on tv with dvi?

Yes will work the same as HDMI, just DVI will not carry audio. DVI is capable of 1080p

What cable do you use to hook up a mac mini to Lcd monitor?

Use mini dvi to vga adaptor or a mini dvi to dvi adaptor for a Mac Mini with Mini DVI port.

What is the best connection from your computer to your TV dvi or vga?

dvi is higher quality

What are the advantages of DVI?

The advantages of Dvi is that its a digital signal and its so widely used.

Should you use DVI or VGA to connect to a desktop?

Depends on if you have a DVI compatible monitor and video card. DVI is considered better than VGA.

What can one do with a DVI VGA?

With a DVI to VGA lead one can link DVI and VGA devices. For example one could link a computer through its DVI output to a monitor with VGA input. One can buy them from Amazon.

To what format does a DVI adapter convert video?

There are three forms of DVI; DVI-A, DVI-D and DVI-I. The "A" stands for Analog, the "D" represents Digital and "I" is a combination of the two. The adapter sends an uncompressed video/audio signal to a receiver such as a monitor, but the signal itself can be either digital, analogue or both.

How many pins does a DVI port have?

A DVI port utilizes a 24-pin connector.

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