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What is Delaware famous for?

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Delaware is famous for its historical landmarks and it's collage and all of its wonderful history

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What are somemore famous landmarks in Delaware?

There are several famous land marks in Delaware. There is Delaware Seashore State Park, the Delaware River, and the many famous museums.

Who is famous Delaware?

The Du Pont family is the most famous family in Delaware

What food is 'Delaware' famous for?

Peach Pie

Where are famous places in Delaware?

Fort Delaware state park

Who is famous in Delaware?

Denzel Washington is famous in Delaware because he is really smart and has money he has his own show

Who were some famous people in colonial Delaware?

Peter Minuit settled Delaware

What are some famous people in Delaware?

There are several famous people who were from Delaware. Some of the famous people are Valerie Bertinelli, Robert Montgomery Bird, and Felix Darley.

What Delaware is famous for?

the stores and the beaches

Who is famous a women in Delaware?


What is a famous landmark in Delaware?


What is the most famous landmark in Delaware?

Dover, the capital city. Also, the Delaware River is famous for its crossing during the Revolutionary War.

What are some Delaware famous landmarks?

There are many famous landmarks located in Delaware, including the Delaware State Capital. The Robinson House, Block House, and the Winterthur are also popular landmarks.

What famous people have a house in Bethany Beach Delaware?

I wish I knew. I love Delaware

What was the site of an early American victory after Washington is famous crossing of the Delaware a?

what was the site of an early American victory afterWashington's famous crossing the Delaware

What famous person was born in Delaware?

Henry Heimlich, he was famous for being a surgeon and an inventor,was born in wilming,delaware. He invented the"Heimlich Maneaver."

What state is famous for chicken farms?


What food is Delaware famous for?

crabs or chowdah

What is a famous person from Delaware?

Richard Allen.

What famous people live in Delaware?

Harold Adams and bill wanton because they found Delaware

Things that Delaware is famous for?

Delaware is in United States Mid-Atlantic Region. The state is famous for their Fisher's popcorn that is even exported in Vietnam and Indonesia.

What are two famous landmarks or tourist sights in Delaware?

Winterthur Museum and Gardens, Chesapeake & Delaware Canal

What are some famous places that start with d?


Who was a famous person from the Delaware colony?

Micky mouse

What famous river did George Washington cross?

the Delaware

Delaware famous foods?

The state of Delaware is known for their Fisher's popcorn and caramel popcorn. Other foods that are popular in Delaware are dilly crab dip and grilled walleye.