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What is Disney first mouse?

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Mickey Mouse was the first mouse

2008-10-28 01:33:18
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Name of the first mouse?

the first name Disney gave to his mouse was mortomer

Mouse first voiced by Walt Disney?

Mickey Mouse

Was Mickey Mouse the first ever Disney character invented?

Yes. Mickey Mouse is also the main character of Disney.

Did Walt Disney World get started with a mouse?

Yes, Walt Disney World was started with a mouse, but not Walt Disney himself. His first character wasn't Mickey Mouse, but Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Who was the first man make micky mouse?

the walt disney was the first man to make micky mouse

Who was Mickey Mouse first drawn by?

Walt Disney

Who was the first voice of micky mouse?

Walt Disney

Which is the first cartoon on Disney chanel?

Mickey Mouse

Was mikey mouse the first Disney charcter?


Who was the first Disney character invented?

Mickey Mouse was the first one

Was Snow White the first Walt Disney character?

not glitching the first Walt Disney character but the first Disney princess

How did Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse meet?

== == On the set of their first cartoon, Walt Disney Introduced them.

Why is that Mickey Mouse symbolized the Walt Disney Company?

Mickey was the first chrecter that disney created

Why is Mickey Mouse important?

Mickey Mouse is important because he was the first cartoon that Walt Disney made. So whenever you see anything to do with Disney, it will ALWAYS have the Mickey Mouse face on it!

What is the first doll Disney ever made?

mickey mouse

Who was the first person to make a Disney pin?

Mickey mouse

What was the first Disney character invented?

While you might think it was Mickey Mouse, the FIRST Disney character was a rabbit. Oswald.

Did Walt Disney train a mouse to be Mickey Mouse?

No, there is no real mouse that potrays Mickey in any way. Mickey is an animated character who was first voiced by Walt Disney and appears in theme parks as a costume. No real mouse.

Who came first mortimer mouse or Mickey Mouse?

Mortimer was the name Walt Disney first thought of when naming Mickey Mouse, but he decided on Mickey in the end!

Where was Mickey Mouse first drawn?

Mickey Mouse was first drawn at the Disney Brother Cartoon Studio in Hollywood, CA although the idea came to Walt Disney while riding a train.

How many years after Mickey Mouse was Minnie Mouse introduced?

She first shown in 1928 by Walt Disney

Ive never heard of Walt Disney who is he?

Walt Disney is the man who created Disney and all the characters on the castle when you see a kids movie like his first creation was mickey mouse and minnie mouse

What was first animated movie?

Steam Boat Willie by Walt Disney. This is was the first use of Mickey Mouse and Mickey Mouse changed over the years to become what we know today. By-the-way Disney was the first voice of Mickey too.

Where was Mickey Mouse first invented?

Walt Disney created mickey mouse while on a train ride with his wife

What was Walt Disney going to name micky mouse first?

Walt was going to call Micky Mortimer Mouse.