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Dustin Rhodes (aka Goldust) is currently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). On December 7, it was reported that he had suffered a shoulder injury. He underwent surgery to repair the injury on December 10 and would as a result be out of action for five to six months.

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Q: What is Dustin Rhodes doing now?
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When was Dustin Rhodes born?

Dustin Rhodes was born on April 11, 1969.

Who is Dustin Rhodes father?

Dusty Rhodes

How old is Dustin Rhodes?

Dustin Rhodes is 42 years old (birthdate: April 11, 1969).

Who does Dustin Rhodes bookings?


Is randy Rhodes Dustin Rhodes brother?

No but Cody Rhoses is

Is Dustin Rhodes goldust?

No Goldust real name is Dustin Runnels. PS Cody Rhodes and Goldust r brothers

Is WWE Cody Rhodes related to Dustin Rhodes?

YES they are brothers.

Does Dustin Rhodes have a daughter?

Yes he does

What is Dustin Rhodes's birthday?

Dustin Rhodes was born on April 11, 1969.

What is Dustin doing right now?

Dustin is playing video games lol ha ha ha

Who is Dustin Rhodes?

Goldust and Black Reign.

Is Trevor Murdoch's Cody Rhodes brother?

No they are not related. Dustin Rhodes "Goldust", is Cody Rhodes' only brother.

Ia gold dust really dusty Rhodes?

Gold Dust is Dustin Rhodes the son of Dust Rhodes and the brother of Cody Rhodes

How many children does Dusty Rhodes have?

Dusty Rhodes has 3 kids, sons Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, and daughter Kristin Ditto.

Who is Cody Rhodes' brother in the WWE?

Cody Rhodes brother is Dustin Rhodes who also goes by the ringname of Goldust.

What is gold dust real name?

Dustin Rhodes The correct answer to this question is Dustin Patrick Runnels

Did Cody Rhodes die?

Cody Rhodes never really died there were you tube videos but they are false he is much alive and taunting big show right now is his prime target and gold dust (Dustin Rhodes) is his brother

Is WWE Dustin Rhodes coming back to the WWE?


Who is goldust?

Goldust is a wrestler in the WWE. His real name is Dustin Patrick Runnels. He is also known as Dustin Rhodes. His father is the former champion wrestler Dusty Rhodes.

Are Cody and Kim Rhodes related?

No not that i have heard of But he is ralated to Goldust whos name is really Dustin Rhodes

Is Dustin Rhodes married?

As of October 2010,engaged to aksana.

Is golddust finlay?

No. Goldust is Dustin Rhodes. And Finley is Dave Finley.

Is goldust dusty rhoades' son?

Yes goldust is dusty Rhodes son goldust real name is Dustin Rhodes and he is older than Cody Rhodes

Who is TNA Black Reign's real name?

Dustin Rhodes known as Goldust and brother's with Cody Rhodes and son of dusty RhodesHis real name is Virgil Riley Runnels III

What is the relation between Cody rodes dusty rodes and Dustin rodes aka gold dust?

Cody and Dustin are bros and dusty Rhodes is the DAD