Cole and Dylan Sprouse

What is Dylan Sprouse's type of girl?

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What are cole and Dylan Sprouses dog name?

cole and Dylan sprouses dogs name is ................ bubba!

Dylan and Cole Sprouses bands?

i know coles sprouses favorite is system of a down. not so sure about Dylan

Do Dylan sprouses go out with anyone?

Yes, Dylan has a girlfriend.

What is Dylan Sprouses full name?

his full name is Dylan Thomas Sprouse.

Whose Dylan Sprouses girl friend?

Heres Some things you might want to know about Dylan Spouse's Girl friend. Name: Jessica Age:18 Location right now: Vegas Boyfriend: Dylan Sprouse

Who is mathew Sprouse?

Dylan and Cole Sprouses father.

Is Dylan bi?

no he isn't. both sprouses are straight

What is cole and Dylan zip code?

Don't you mean what is cole and Dylan sprouses zipcode

What are nicknames for Dylan?

Dylan Sprouses nicknames are Dyl and Lumpkin Dyl, and his brother Coles is Coley Moley.

Who are Dylan and Cole Sprouses parents?

Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Write

Who is Dylan Sprouses girlfriend?

Micah volrich aka Micah sprouse

Is Sarah Dylan Sprouses girlfriend?

no... Brittaney Lynn Hoggatt is his girlfriend

What is Dylan Sprouses fave color?

Dylan's fave colour is BLUE!

What is Dylan sprouses sexuality?

hmmm... he look nice... he is sweet... answer: big

Who is Dylan and colee sprouse mom?

Dylan and Cole Sprouses mom is called Melanie and their dad is called Mathhew.

What is Cole Sprouses brothers facebook name?

Dylan and cole do NOT have facebook accounts. Dylan has a twitter though (@sprousearts)

Do Dylan and Cole Sprouse have their own website?

Sprousebros.com is official sprouses website. Dylan has his own website sprousearts.com

What is Dylan Sprouses favorite song?

His favorite song is:Naturally by Selena Gomez

What is Dylan Sprouses fav tv show?

He loves to watch the X games.

Who is Cole and Dylan Sprouses mum and dad?

Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright.

What is cole and Dylan Sprouses address?

5616 Farralone Ave, Woodland Hills

Is Dylan and Cole Sprouses mom alive?

Yes and she's a wonderful person!

Would Dylan sprouses date a 13 year old?

No, that is illegal, he is an adult.

Who is better Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse or Jessie mcarthy?

i think Dylan and cole because Jessie mcarthy is not that famous

Is Dylan and Cole Sprouses mum dead?

No cole sprouse mum and dad are not dead

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