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Estimated Time of Separation. Its the day you are scheduled to leave Active duty.

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Q: What is ETS?
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What does ETS mean on a 2002 Grand Am GT?

ETS on a GT means Enhanced Traction System (ETS) or Traction Control.

What is the meaning of ETS in the US Military?

ETS is Expiration Term of Service.

Should you have your ETS light on while driving in winter?

Normally the (Electronic Traction Control) ETS light is on when the ETS is turned off. Make sure the ETS is on and not off when driving at all times winter or summer.

Why does the ets light stay on in car?

Probably because you have the ETS turned off.

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When was Stadium - ETS - created?

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How long do you have after you ets to have the army move your household goods?

6 Months after your ETS date.

What does ETS stand for?

ETS stands for Enhanced Traction System. This is GM's version of Traction Control.

Why are Ets and engine light on in 98 Chevy cavalier?

Why are ets and engine light on in 98 Chevy cavalier

When you ETS from the army will you be able to take permissive TDY if your married?

yes 10 for ets 20 for retirement

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What does ets mean on ml 2000?

what does ets, esp and abs warning lights mean on a 2000 ml Mercedes

How do you turn on the ETS on a Pontiac Sunfire?

if it has ets its a thumb switch on the shifter if it is displayed on the cluster its off if not it's on or not equiped

1998 Chevy cavilier loses power and shifts rouph ets light is on how do i correct this problem?

what does it mean when the ets light is on

What does ETS dash light mean on a Mercedes ml320?

wat does ETS dash light mean on a mercedes ml 320

How do I get the ETS light to turn off on a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?

ETS is connected to your ABS. ETS is a traction control and is linked to your ABS so to get your ETS light off you'll probably have to fix your ABS to get the light off. On mine, fixing a broken wire on my ABS plug which runs into the hub fixed my problem.

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What effect does ets have on fuel efficiency?

With ETS on, it actually wastes fuel, drive with it off unless you need it... like in the rain or snow

Ets off how do I turn it on?

ok. see the button with the wheels on it near the dimmer switch. It says ETS on it. push and it will light up.

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