What is EVA armor?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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theres master chief,elite armors,CQB,EVA,EOD,hayabusa,scout armor,security armor,ODST,mark v,rouge,recon(the best),scout recon,shadow master chief(not avalable) and that's all

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Q: What is EVA armor?
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Ere a way to get all halo 3 armor without live?

you can get some in campigan like hayabusa,eva,and eod to unlock them you have to hayabusa=find all the 13 hiden skulls eva=beat campigan on normal eod=beat the campigan on LEGENDARY

What does your Eva armor do and what its good at?

Nothing special.. It only looks cool! (h)

How do you get armor in halo?

You have to complete achievements and levels. For example, beating the campaign on normal gets you EVA along the way. Grabbing skulls also gets you Hayubusa (aka ninja) armor (which I have).

How do you get Eva armor on halo 3?

yesh complete campain on normal/heroic/legendary look on (a brilliant site)

Halo three armor?

Mark VI, CQB, EVA, Security, Mark V, ODST, Rouge, Scout, EOD, Hayabusa, Katana and the newest that came out recently is Recon

What armor does Emile wear in halo reach?

His Helmet Is an Customized Version of the EVA helmet it is called EVA(C) with the first attachment, his left shoulder is the Operator, his right shoulder is Security(Rank of General) and his chest piece is Assault/Sapper, Visor color is gold, his knee caps are FJ/Para.

What is a good middle name that goes with Eva?

Eva Rose Eva Lee Eva Yvone Eva Lynn Eva Ann

What is the easiest armor to unlock in Halo 3?

the mark vi or CQB but if you already know that,id start with Eva (complete all campain on normal) or hayabusa (collect 13 skulls in campain to unlock all of it)

Is plate armor in skyrim light armor?

No - Light armor is leather, cloth, etc. Plate armor is considered heavy armor.

Is facebook going to charge?


What armor does Jorge wear in halo reach?

he wearsgrenadier chest and helmet with EVA left shoulder and security right and a1000 credit wrist pice» 1st of all, its 10,000CR, just to stay accurate, and also, thename of the wrist piece is "Buckler", (or something like that) and if you go down twice, then it'll be the highlighted one.mark 57 armor

When was Eva contro Eva created?

Eva contro Eva was created on 2006-05-12.