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From what i know in Eclipse he has an i phone in new moon a black berry and same with twilight.

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In the Twilight series, Edward Cullen's phone is a silver Volvo F880.

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the book doesn't specify

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Q: What is Edward Cullen's phone on Twilight?
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What are the cullens?

In Twilight, the Cullens are Edward's (Robert Pattinson ) family.

What are the main characters of twilight's role in the novel?

Bella, Edward(the cullens too) and James in twilight. in all the others are different but Edward and Bella and the cullens stay the same.

Where can you get Edward Cullens car?

In the movie, Twilight, Edward Cullens drove a Volvo. Volvo did an advertising campaign featuring Twilight. Edward also had a Aston Martin V12 Vanquish for special occasions.

What is Edward Cullens power in twilight?

hearing people's thoughts.

What do you call Edward Cullens hairstyle in twilight?

a bouffant (bu'font)

In the4th twilight film will there be another Edward Cullens?

yes their will be another Edward Cullen

Which is stronger victor from underworld or Edward Cullens from twilight?

HA!! i think Edward is!!!

How old are the cullens from twilight?

edward is 109 carlile is 300 the rest iam not positive

In the book twilight which of the Cullens did Esme tell to stop showing off and?

Edward Cullen

What grades do the Cullens pretend to be in?

Alice and Edward are juniors in Twilight then seniors in New Moon. Emmet, Rosile, and Jasper in Twilight are seniors.

What is the song played in Edward Cullens bedroom?

In the twilight movie Claire De Lune is played in his bedroom. The song is on the Twilight soundtrack.

In the movie twilight what is Edward Cullens description s?

He is Tall, Brave, Strong, Fast etc.