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Edward Cullen's birthday is June 20th 1901.

His human birthday is June 20, 1901.

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Q: What is Edward Cullen's birthday?
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What did Bella get for 19th birthday from Cullens?

a cottage from all the cullens and the key to the after car from edward

Edward tells Bella the last real birthday the Cullens celebrated was when?

the last real birthday the cullens celebrated was in 1935, emmetts birthday

What was Edwards human birthday?

Edward Cullens human birthday was the June 20th, 1901

When is it Edwards Cullens birthday?

Edward Cullen's birthday is June 20th, 1901. He's a gemini.

When is Edwards cullens birthday?

Edward was born in Chicago, on June 20th 1901.

What did the Cullens getBella for her birthday in Breaking Dawn?

A cottage for her and Edward to live in with Renesmee.

Did one of the cullens get Bella tickets to see her mom with edward for her birthday?

Yes, Esme provided tickets for both Edward and Bella to visit Renee for Bella's birthday.

Why does Bella receive a key from the cullens on her birthday?

For the cottage Esme built for her and Edward and luckily Renesme.

Edward Cullens birthday in the book new moon?

It does not specifically say when in the book, but I'm not sure about the movie.

How old is Edward Cullens?

edward is 109

What do the Cullens' get Bella for her birthday in Breaking Dawn?

They reconstruct a cottage for Edward and Bella that's close by to the Cullen house and Edward gets her her "after car"

In Breaking Dawn does Bella Move out to a new house or still at her house she is in?

Bella lives with Edward and the rest of the Cullens and in the cottage Edward and her got for her birthday.

What does the Cullens Give Bella for her 19 birthday?

A small cottage for her and Edward to keep Renesmee in and have a house all to themselves for their 2nd honeymoon. While she and Edward were on their honeymoon on Isle Esme, the rest of the Cullens built and restored it. Along with that, Edward gives her a brand new red Ferrari as her "after" car.

When is Emmett Cullen's Birthday?

I don't think it's mentioned, but in New Moon, when Edward and Bella are going to the Cullens' house for her birthday party, Edward says something along the lines of "the last birthday any of us had was Emmett in 1935"

Who is Edward Cullens biggest fan?

Rebecca Caston is Edward Cullens biggest fan. I have Edward EVERYTHING. JD is just saying this because he is jelous.

What did the cullens give Bella for her birthday in breaking dawn?

A little cottage. And Edward gave Bella her "after" car which was a red farrari.

When was Edward Cullens birthday?

Edward Cullen was born on June 20th 1901. He became a vampire in 1918. Robert Pattinson(The person who plays Edward in Twilight) was born on May 13th 1986.

Which is edwerd Cullens city name?

Edward Cullens lives in Forks, Washington.

Edward Cullens parents name?

edward and elizabeth masen

Where was Edward Cullens born?


Who is the fastest from the Cullens?

Edward is the fastest

Who is edward Cullens soulmate?

Edward Cullen's soulmate is Bella Swan.

What were Edward Cullens parents called?

Elizabeth Masen and Edward Masen

What are Edward Cullens initials?

E.A.M.C- Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

Emmett Cullens birthday is March 15 jasper hales birthday is dec 14 Alice Cullens birthday is March 18 Rosalie hales birthday is October 10 and Edward Cullens birthday is June 20?

exactly andRenesmee's is September 10,2008 Emotional Bunny/Twilight Addict this order Emmett Cullen Age 20 March 15th Jasper HaleAge20 December 14th Rosalie hale Age 20 October 10th Alice Cullen Age 19 March 18th Edward Cullen 17 June 20 Bella Swan (there friend) September 13th