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The World's Most Exclusive Cotton Quality

Egyptian cotton is considered to be the world's most exclusive cotton quality. The reason for this is that the soil of Egypt is perfect for cotton cultivation.

The result is a cotton fiber that is longer and thinner than other types of cotton from other countries where conditions are not as favorable for cotton production.

These long thin fiber strands are perfectly suited to create high quality linens, towels, blankets and clothing. Since the threads are so thin, it becomes easier to weave tight (thread count), which in turn leads to products that are softer and more durable.

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What is the world's softest cotton?

Egyptian Cotton

What thread count do Egyptian cotton sheets have?

Egyptian cotton usually has a 200 or greater thread count.

Does Egyptian cotton shrink?

Yes, Egyptian cotton can and does shrink. In order to avoid this, make sure you do not watch your Egyptian cotton in hot water. You also will want to allow the cotton to air dry and avoid using a drying machine.

Who makes an Egyptian cotton duvet cover?

Marrikas has very nice Egyptian cotton duvet covers. Try the 450TC Egyptian Cotton TWIN SOLID WHITE Duvet Cover SET.

What is the worlds softest cotton?

The world's softest cotton is usually Egyptian cotton. However, it depends on their thread count. 500 threat count of Egyptian cotton is particularly soft.

Do Egyptian cotton sheets wrinkle?

All cotton wrinkles.

What is the name given to cotton grown in Egypt?

Egyptian Cotton..

What is better Egyptian cotton or Turkish cotton?

down to personal choice

What actors and actresses appeared in Egyptian Cotton - 2008?

The cast of Egyptian Cotton - 2008 includes: Lisa Paige Robinson

How are 100 percent cotton sateen different from Egyptian sheets?

The Egyptian sheets and 100 percent cotton sateen have different weave types. Egyptian sheets are lighter and cooler, while cotton sateen are a bit heavier and cozier.

What is the difference between Supima and Egyptian cotton materials used on mattress pads?

Supima is a more manufactured cotton, while Egyptian cotton will cost you more but is more natural.

What are the names of different types of cotton?

Hope these will help! Egyptian cotton African cotton Cotton Wool :) From Lily Taylor

What is the difference in 100 percent egyptian cotton and 100 percent egyptian microfiber cotton?

100% egyptian cotton is pure and soffter.. also alot more expensive. 100% egyptian microfiber cotten isnt completly pure egyption cotten, its generally cheeper, it has other fibers, but small amounts

What were Egyptian slave clothing made of?


Which is better for denim - Egyptian Cotton or Zimbabwean Cotton?

Zimbabwean cotton; it's all the japanese use for their denim.

What materials where used for clothing in Egypt?

Linens, cotton, and wool. Even today Egyptian cotton is considered prime cotton.

What cotton holds its shape best for clothing?

Egyptian that the only cotton i wear its very soft to

Do Egyptian cotton sheets wrinkle a lot?


Which is softer and not as scratchy 100 percent cotton or Egyptian cotton?

I've been doing alot of research on cotton lately, what types are the best and what you shouldn't buy clothes or bedding made of. And from what I've gathered, Egyptian cotton may possible be the best type something can be made from. That's why it's expensive most times. Go for Egyptian.

What is the difference between cotton combed and Egyptian cotton?

Egypt cotton is straight from the plant and woven. the other is washed then died then woven.

What is softer pima cotton or Egyptian cotton?

Pima cotton is softer than Egyptian cotton.By definition, Pima cotton is an Extra Long Staple (ELS) variety of cotton. "Egyptian cotton" describes where the cotton was grown, but not necessarily the variety of cotton. Egyptian cotton may be a Long Staple (LS) or ELS variety, but the vast majority of cotton grown in Egypt is LS.ELS strands of cotton fiber, when spun into thread, and then woven into cloth, have a softer and more luxurious feel. This is due to the fact that the ELS is physically longer; there are fewer end points of the strands sticking up from the cloth. This feels softer. Hence, the long studied, researched, documented superiority of Pima cotton stands.Next time some blowhard bloviates about their Egyptian cotton sheets, you can confidently - and correctly - tell them to stuff it. If you are feeling kind, point them in the direction of your favorite Pima Cotton purveyor of fine soft goods.Please see: for the specifications of Pima cotton, it's history and development.

Where can I buy Case of Egyptian Cotton Sheets 1200?

In the shop.

Which is better 300 thread count Egyptian cotton or 600 thread count cotton?

The best answer to which is better: 300 thread count Egyptian Cotton vs 600 thread count cotton--is really a personal preference. There is really no right or wrong answer to this question. Thread Counts are the number of threads, horizontally and vertically, in a square inch of fabric. Usually, the more threads per inch, the better "quality" the fabric would be. However, I believe that thread count is a personal preference. Egyptian cotton vs cotton. Ostensibly, Egyptian Cotton is a better quality of cotton--manufactured using Extra Long Staple fibers (ELS fibers), which would make it a better cotton fiber than "regular" (referred to as Upland cotton), cotton (which isn't necessarily one with ELS fibers). There are other cotton fiber designations which also use ELS cotton fiber--Pima Cotton is one.

Is Combed Cotton with Egyptian Cotton better than 100 percent Egyptian Cotton?

Combed cotton is a special process that the fiber goes through to make it more lusterous, soft and silky. It does what the name implies - the fiber is "combed" like you would your hair to get any short fibers out to make it silky and smooth. Combed cotton will cost more than regular cotton. Egyptian cotton is no different than any other type UNLESS it says "Extra Long Staple" cotton. As the name implies this means that the fiber is long and in the world of cotton long fiber equals strong, which means the fabric will hold up longer. If it just says Egyptian cotton this doesn't mean anything expect the cotton was grown in Egypt. That is no different than saying Chinese or Indian cotton. So if you get combed, extra-long staple cotton, that is a very good product.

What is the greatest contribution of Egyptian in the world culture?

cotton for America's shirts!

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