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What is Egyptian mythology?

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Egyptian myths were metaphorical stories intended to illustrate and explain the gods' actions and roles in nature. The details of the events they recounted could change as long as they conveyed the same symbolic meaning, so many myths exist in different and conflicting versions. Among the most important Egyptian myths were the creation myths.

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In Egyptian mythology who is the God of the Underworld?

The God of the Underworld or Afterlife in Egyptian mythology is Osiris.

Where is Egyptian mythology located?

The stories and believes related to Egyptian Mythology were located in and around the area known today as Egypt.

Why do Ares have to be with the greek mytHOLOGY group?

Because he's a Greek deity. If he were an Egyptian deity, he'd be in the Egyptian Mythology group.

What is the underworld in Egyptian mythology?


Was Anubis a devil?

Not in Egyptian mythology.

Is Medusa Egyptian?

No from Greek mythology

In ancient Egyptian Mythology who was the patron of beauty music dance and the arts?

In ancient Egyptian mythology was the patron of beauty,music,danceand the arts?

When was Anubis alive in Egyptian mythology?

After he was born (either a son of Set or a son of Osiris by Nephthys); in Egyptian mythology he never died afterwards.

When did rick Riordan get interested in greek roman and Egyptian mythology?

Rick says his interest in Greek and Egyptian mythology came about because of comics.

What is the difference between the Greek mythology and the Egyptian mythology?

well first of all, Greek mythology isn't even related to Egyptian mythology. you might be confused with Greek mythology and roman mythology. those are related. anyways Egyptian mythology has way different gods and goddesses than in Greek mythology. also Egyptians believed their Pharaohs were gods along with their gods that aren't physically on earth. Greeks didn't believe their leaders to be gods.

Are Flies Egyptian Gods?

No, flies are rarely depicted as divine in Egyptian mythology.

In Egyptian mythology who was the god of death?


In Egyptian mythology who was the king of gods?


King of gods in Egyptian mythology?


Who is the solar god of Egyptian mythology?


Is there an Egyptian messenger god?

No. According to Egyptian Mythology, Thoth was a god of writing and messaging.

When was the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis born?

Egyptian mythology does not give birth dates.

Which three civilizations are in the age of mythology?

The three civilizations in Age of Mythology are Greek, Egyptian, and Norse.

Who are some goddesses that begin with the letter H?

Hathor (Egyptian mythology)Hera (Greek mythology)

What are some examples of mythology in your time?

There are many examples of mythology. There is Greek mythology, as well as Roman and Norse mythology. There are also Egyptian mythologies, although they are not as popular.

When was Neith the Goddess born?

Egyptian Mythology does not say.

Who is king ra?

The God of the Sun in Egyptian mythology.

What was the Egyptian mythology about?

its about how evrything was created and that wich still is

Is a Pegasus Egyptian?

No. Pegasus comes from Greek mythology.

How did sekhmet die?

In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet did not die.