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What is Emma from Jessie on Disney channel?


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She's the oldest child in Disney Channel's Jessie. She is the only biological child of the Ross family. If you want to know more watch Disney Channel's Jessie.

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Emma Ross in Disney Channel Series Jessie for Kids is played by Peyton List.

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It is going to be on Disney Channel. Hope this helps.

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I suspect this is the last season, since Peyton List (Emma) is already a regular on The Tomorrow People (on the WB).

Chris Galya plays Tony in Disney Channel's Jessie.

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Debby Ryan (Jessie) Peyton List (Emma) Cameron Boyce(Luke) Karan Brar(Ravi) Skai Jackson(Zuri) Kevin Chamberlin(Bertram)

jessie is played by debby ryan emma is played by peyton list luke is played by cameron boyce zuri is played by skai jackson thats most of them :P

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Christina Moore plays Mrs. Ross on the Disney Channel show Jessie.

September 30, 2011 in the United States.

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Me, Im Debby Ryan, i play Jessie in the tv shoe Jessie , my share code is 994Dolphin154 xx

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