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emma is zuri's big sisster on the show jessie

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check your answer

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Peyton list

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Q: Who is Emma Ross family on Jessie?
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What are the names of all the characters from Jessie?

Jessie Prescott Emma Ross Zuri Ross Luke Ross Ravi Ross

Who plays Emma on Jessie?

She's the oldest child in Disney Channel's Jessie. She is the only biological child of the Ross family. If you want to know more watch Disney Channel's Jessie.

Who is the oldest out of the ross kids from Jessie in real life?

It's Emma Ross (Peyton List) is the oldest

How do you get on Jessie?

i want to go on jessie be cuz it is cool ohh and i am 8 years old right now and i want to be on jessie and be in the ross family

How old is Emma from the show Jessie?

Emma on Jessie is 10 year old birth day (march 31 2001)

Where can you get tops like Emma Ross from Jessie?

The Disney Collection at Target ;) They go from prices $10-$30 :33 No prob!

How is the boy who play luke on Jessie?

Yes he is in fact Emma is the only birth child

Did Cristina Ross adopted Emma Ross on Jessie?

No, actually on the show Cristina gave birth to Emma on the show. She is the only un-adopted one. After Emma's birth Cristina wanted children from all over the world like Zuri, Ravi, and Luke. Although Emma does look a lot alike to her mom.

Did the Ross family on Jessie adopt their children?

Yes, Luke from "Jessie" is adopted since this was revealed in the episode that is titled "Gotcha Day." No information was revealed in regards to Emma so the logical assumption is that she is Morgan Ross and Christina Ross' only biological child however this has not been confirmed.

Why did Emma hated Jessie in the first episode of Jessie?

Because jessie distracted her from doing her project

Who is everyone real name in Jessie on disney channel?

Main cast Jessie: Debby Ryan Bertram: Kevin Chamberlin Zuri: Skai Jackson Ravi: Karan Brar Emma: Payton List Luke: Cameron Boyce Tony: Chris Gayla Christina (mom): Christina Moore Morgan (dad): Charles Esten

What has the author Emma Jewell Ross written?

Emma Madgelaine Flournoy has written: 'Gibson Flournoy and related families'