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What is Europe's longest river?


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The Volga river
the volga rivar
the rhein


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It's the Danube River.

Europs longesdt river is doofas Europe's longest river is The Volga Europe's second longest river is The Danube

The longest river in Europe is the Volga river. The longest in the European Union (EU) is the Danube (in Germany). mm humnm

Answer Europes longest river is the Volga River.It flows through Russia to the Caspian Sea. Europes second longest river is the Danube River. It flows through 9 countries: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria , and Germany. It flows through the Black Sea

The Ural River, having a length of 2428 km, is the third longest river in Europe.

The Danube at 1,771 miles

The Volga River.dtdgvbg

The River Medway is the longest river in Kent. The second longest is the River Stour

The Amazon River is not the longest river in the US. It is the longest river in South America.

the amazon river is the longest river.

The longest river is the Borsch River.

The Jubba-Shebelle river is the longest river in Somalia and the 85th longest river in the world.

I would argue the Danube River.

The longest River in Africa is the River Nile. It is approximately 4160 miles, which is 6695 Km. The second longest River is the Congo River. The third longest River is the River Niger. The fourth longest is the Zambezi River

The Most important river for Eastern Europes transportation is the Danube River.

The Amazon River is not the longest river The Nile river is.

The spelling of America's longest river is America's longest river.

The Volga River is the longest river in Europe.

No it isn't the River Nile is the longest river!

the river amazon is the worlds longest river

Because it was the europes most favorite and best flowing river ever

The Darling River has the longest river catchment, as it is fed by numerous large rivers in its headwaters. However, it is not the longest river. The longest actual river is the Murray River.

No, the Mississippi River is not the longest river, but the second longest river at 2,340 miles long. The longest river in the USA is the Missouri River, measuring 200 miles longer!

The Mississippi River is the second-longest river at 2,202 miles. The Missouri River is the longest.

The Godavari River is the longest river in southern India and is the second longest river in India.

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