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Ang isinasaad ng batas na ito ay ay dapat muna kantutin ang mamamayang piliino bago ang iba

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Q: What is Filipino first policy or Filipino muna?
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What is Filipino first policy or bayan muna?

The Filipino First Policy was first implemented by former President Carlos P. Garcia during the 1950s. This policy heavily favors Filipino businessmen over foreign investors.In the present Constitution, the Filipino First Policy is found in the provisions of Article 12, Section 12, which states:Section 12. The State shall promote the preferential use of Filipino labor, domestic materials and locally produced goods, and adopt measures that help make them competitive.

What is first filipino policy?

The First Filipino Policy favors Filipino entrepreneurs over foreign investors. This law was first implemented by President Carlos P. Garcia in the year 1950s.

What is the meaning of filipino first policy?

The Filipino First Policy refers to a policy implemented in the Philippines that prioritizes the interests and welfare of Filipino citizens over foreign individuals or entities. It aims to promote local industries and businesses, create job opportunities for Filipinos, and protect national resources and assets. This policy is often observed in various sectors, such as economics, education, and employment.

What is the Filipino first policy?

It is a policy where Filipinos should be first before anyone else. It applies mostly to economics where they'll give priority to a Filipino entrepreneur to supply for us than importing goods from other countries. Jo

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