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The motto of G. A. R. Memorial Junior Senior High School is 'Sons of the Blue and Gray'.

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The motto of Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School is 'Duty, Integrity, Discipline'.

Bridgewater Junior Senior High School's motto is 'Mens Sana In Corpore Sano'.

Marion Junior-Senior High School's motto is 'They come, we educate, they conquer!'.

Eric Graves Memorial Junior High School's motto is 'Navigate Ad Futurum'.

The motto of Woodbury Junior-Senior High School is 'Excellence Through Tradition and Innovation'.

East Rochester Junior-Senior High School's motto is 'Tradition and Vision'.

Our Lady of Providence Junior-Senior High School's motto is 'Enriching Mind ∙ Body ∙ Soul'.

The motto of Hanover Junior-Senior High School is 'S.W.A.R.M.-Safe/Wonderful/Acountable/Responsible/Motivated'.

Blue River Valley Junior-Senior High School's motto is 'Cognita Est Libertas'.

Adams Central Junior-Senior High School's motto is 'Positive Environment ~ Life-Long Learning'.

The motto of Aggrey Memorial A.M.E. Zion Senior High School is 'Sempe Optimo Nitere'.

The motto of Junior State of America is 'Be the People'.

Hasland Junior School's motto is 'We are all Friends!'.

Serangoon Junior College's motto is 'Discere Servire'.

Papillion Junior High's motto is 'A Reflection of Excellence'.

Catholic Junior College's motto is 'In Truth and Love'.

Bailey Junior High's motto is 'Simply the Best'.

The motto of Yishun Junior College is 'Florescat Concordia,'.

Innova Junior College's motto is 'Ad Astra'.

Tampines Junior College's motto is 'Aim and Achieve'.

Temasek Junior College's motto is 'For College, For Nation'.

National Junior College's motto is 'Service with Honour'.

The motto of Nanyang Junior College is 'Together We Build'.

The motto of Jurong Junior College is 'SASR SDSM'.

Bishop Pinkham Junior High School's motto is 'Motto: English:'.

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