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GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the total dollar amount of all goods and services produced. The growth rate is the percentage increase or decrease of GDP from the previous measurement cycle. Even though the BEA reports quarterly, the growth rate is annualized so it can be compared to the previous year.

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Q: What is GDP rate?
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How does the GDP affect the literacy rate?

the GDP does not affect the literacy rate. The literacy rate affects the GDP. normally the higher the literacy rate, the higher the GDP, but not always. Some countries can have a very high literacy rate, but not a high GDP. but most of the time the higher the literacy rate, the higher the GDP and standard of living.

What is the current GDP rate of India?

India current GDP is 7.7 % in Q-2 of 2011.

How do you calculate inflation rate using GDP?

norminal GDP REAL GDP

How do you calculate real GDP from GDP?

Real GDP is inflation adjusted GDP so you have to take away inflation from GDP. GDP/ inflation (so if inflation is 5% you divide GDP / 1.05) to get real GDP. This is because Fisher's equation is (1 + Nominal Rate) = (1 + Real Rate) (1 + Inflation Rate).

What is GDP growth rate?

GDP growth rate is the rate at which a country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is growing. This is usually seen as a country's economy-size.

How does literacy rate affect GDP?

GDP can indeed affect the literacy rate. If the country has a high GDP then it can provide free education to poors which will improve the literacy rate.

What is the present GDP and GNP of India?

current GDP rate

What is the GDP rate of Pakistan?


How do you calculate the GDP gap?

How to calculate potential gdp and natyral rate of unemployment?

What effect does repo and reverse repo rate will have on your GDP?

if gdp increases, it will increases prices and the repo rate has to be decreased in order to

How does the literacy rate and location affect the GDP in Italy?

Italy has a high literacy rate and the location is great so the GDP is high

When can GDP increase at a faster rate than real GDP?

the value of the dollar is stable

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