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Gandalf is looking for someone to make a 14th person for the adventure. He wants a 'burglar' to help the dwarves.

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What do the Dwarves think Bilbo is?

A thief looking for work, due to the symbol that Gandalf scratched on his front door.

What proof did Bilbo have that Gandalf knocked on the door hard?

His beautiful door was marked where Gandalf clubbed it. The true reason for this, which Bilbo did not know, was that Gandalf was removing the sign he had scratched in the door earlier.

What does Gandalf put on the hobbit's beautiful green front-door?

Gandalf scratches an "X" on Bilbo's door. It is the universal sign for "thief for hire."

What kind of mark did Gandalf put on Bilbo's door in The Hobbit?

GANDALF put the Elvish rune for the letter 'G' on Bilbo's door.

What does Gandalf do with the spike on his staff before leaving Bilbo's home?

He just uses it to write a sign on the door. It makes more sense if you continue to watch to when Thorin Oakenshield arrives and says "I would never have found this place but for the mark on the door".

What does Gandalf give to Thorin?

At the unexpected party, Gandalf gives Thorin a map of the Lonely Mountain, which has information about a secret door and the key to the secret door.

What kind of mark does Gandalf put on Bilbo's door?

He places a couple of runes. They can be seen in one of Tolkien's illustrations. They basically say that a burglar is looking for work.

What does the queer sign mean on the door in 'The Hobbit'?

After Bilbo shut the door on Gandalf, the wizard scratched some runes on the door. It was an indication that a burglar or treasure hunter lived there. Once Gandalf came for the unexpected party, he removed the mark.

What is the elvish word for friendship?

Elvish word for friend is mellon.

Who or what did the dwarves think Bilbo Baggins was?

A professional burglar looking for work. It was obvious as the runes of the secret sign indicating this was scratched on his front door (Gandalf had done this without Bilbo's knowledge).

What happened when Bilbo first met Gandalf?

Bilbo was a young child and gandalf came thru with fireworks But he really met met him at his door and while he got the mail They both blew smoke rings remembering the fireworks and Bilbo inadvertantly wishing for adventure and times like when he was a young hobbit Bilbo good dayed gandalf several times in several different ways Gandalf marked his door after bilbo hastily departed after Inviting gandalf for tea the following day

What does Gandalf do with the spike on his staff before leaving Bilbo's house?

He makes a sign on Bilbo's door that the dwarves interpret to mean "burglar for hire", which brings them into Bilbo's house.

How does it show that Gandalf knocked hard on Bilbo's door?

He left a mark on it he knocked so hard, it was this mark that told the dwarfs which door to go to.

What important item does Gandalf give to thorin?

He gives him the map of the mountain. And the key to the back door.

What word did Gandalf use to open the door in Moria?

The word he used was 'mellon', which is the Elvish word for friend.

How do the dwarves know how to find Bilbo's house?

Gandalf leaves a mark on the door when he visits earlier in the day.

Do the dwarves find Bilbo?

When? At the beginning, Gandalf the Grey chats to Bilbo saying he is looking for someone to go on an adventure. Bilbo, being timid at the start, is a little rude to Gandalf, but invites him to afternoon tea. Gandalf laughs and with his staff marks the front door "burglar for hire, etc". Later a knock on the door and after a while 13 dwarfs and Gandalf are in Bilbo's Bag End residence: Dwalin, Balin, Fili, Kili, Gloin, Oin, Ori, Nori, Dori, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and Thorin Oakenshield. During the adventure Bilbo is separated numerous times from the dwarfs, and aids them in their escapades with his new found confidence and bravery and his magical ring.

In 'The Hobbit' why does Gandalf knock on the door hard?

Because the previous morning, Gandalf had "scratched a queer sign on the hobbit's beautiful green front door" as a sign so that the dwarves would know that Bilbo was the one he had chosen to go on their adventure with them. By knocking very hard on the mark with his staff, Gandalf put a dent in the wood over top of where the sign had been, erasing any evidence that it had been there. That way, Bilbo would not blame Gandalf for all of the dwarves coming to his house to take him on an adventure.

What makes Bilbo go with the dwarves?

in the hobbit Gandalf basically pushes him out the door without him really knowing about the whole misson laid out in font of him. all he knows is that gandalf has told the dwarves he is a silent burglar and is perfect for the mission. Bilbo wakes up the next day and is told hes late and is pushed out the door with some haste by Gandalf. since hobbits are humble and don't look for conflict Bilbo simply goes along with it.

Who opens the west-door in the Lord of the Rings?

Gandalf opens the West-door into Moria with the password 'mellon', meaning 'friend'. He had misinterpreted his translation of the door-inscription as "Speak, friend, and enter" when it meant 'speak' as in 'say', or "Say 'friend' and enter". In Tolkien's book, Merry is the first to question the meaning and this leads Gandalf to the answer. In the 2001 film, Frodo makes the leap from password to riddle.

In The Hobbit what does the door look like?

Bilbo's door is round. It has a brass knob in the very center. It was recently painted green and looked fresh and new before Gandalf scratched runes into it.

How did the dwarves know which hobbit hole Bilbo lives in?

Gandalf put the mark of a burglar on the front door of Bilbo's hobbit hole.

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