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What is Gary Sobers real christian name

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Q: What is Gary Sobers real name?
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What is the birth name of Gary Sobers?

Gary Sobers's birth name is Garfield St Aubrun Sobers.

When was Gary Sobers born?

Gary Sobers was born on July 28, 1936, in St. Michael, Barbados, West Indies.

Who hit 6six in over?

Gary sobers

Who has scored six sixes in an over?

Gary (Garfield) Sobers.

How old is sir Gary Sobers?

he is 67 years old

What is Gary the gadget guys real name?

Gary's real name is Gary.

Who hit six sixes in one over in test?

Gary Sobers

What has the author Garfield Sobers written?

Garfield Sobers has written: 'King cricket' -- subject(s): Cricket 'Gary Sobers' most memorable matches' -- subject(s): Biography, Cricket, Cricket players

Who bowled the over when Gary sobers hit six sixes?

Malcolm Nash

What is Gary Barlow's real name?

That is his real name.

Who took 100 catches first in test cricket not wicket keeper?

Gary Sobers

What is Gary allan's real name?

Gary Allan Herzburg

What is Gary Allan's real name?

Gary Allan Herzburg

What is Gary Glitters real name?

The former disgraced glam roker Gary Glitter's real name is Paul Francis Gadd.

What is the connection between Gary Sobers Hritik Roshan and Hannibal Lecter?

All of them had six fingures in each hands.

Who is in cricket history has hit six sixes in an over?

Sir Gary Sobers Herschelle Gibbs Yuvraj Singh

Who is the great player in cricket?

Don Bradman Sachin Tendulkar Gary Sobers Brian Lara Shane Warne

What is Gary the snails full name?

This Is True Gary's Name Is Simply Gary. He Has No Other Names. :)-------------------------Nope, that's not right.His real name:Gary "the Snail" Wilson, Jr.

What is Gary in eastenders real name?

Ricky Groves

What is Lees's real name?

Gary Lee Weinrib.

What is Gary from SpongeBob's real name?

Garold B. Snail is part of his name but his full name is Gerald "Gary" Betram the Snail II

Name the players who have scored triple centuries?

Sobers Lara

Which former Indian test cricketer equalled Gary sobers world record of six sixes in a ronji trophy?

Ravi Shastri

What is geddy lee's real name?

Gary Lee Weinrib

What is Adam sevani real name?

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