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What is Generation Me?

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Generation Me is a reference to the current generation of global villagers who are so-so concerned themselves that they have almost no care for others, or even for the very earth they inhabit...

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Is the correct thing passed down from generation to generation or past down from generation to generation?

it is past down from generation to generation

List and describe the different generation of the computer family?

The first generation is the Vacuum Tube Generation. The second generation is the Transistor Generation. The third generation is the Mini-Computer Generation. The fourth generation is the Micro-Computer Generation. The fifth generation (which we are half-way into) is the Nano-Computer Generation.

Which generation is the photosynthetic generation?

gametophyte generation

What is the F2 generation?

The Generation after the F1 generation.

What is a generation?

A generation is the decade you were born in. The word generation can be used as: My generation is the 1980s.

What is the P generation?

The beginning generation, the parents of F1 generation and the grandparents of F2 generation.

What is p generation?

The beginning generation, the parents of F1 generation and the grandparents of F2 generation.

Is it a generation were or a generation was?

"a generation WAS" Generation is an identifier that turns a group into one singular noun.

What is the generation after generation Y?

This is generation is being called "Generation I". This is anyone born after 2001.

What information is not passed from generation to generation?

Genetic is passed from Generation to generation

What generation come after generation x?

generation y

Mendel called the offspring of the P generation the first filial generation or the generation?

the yeah generation

How do you get the f2 generation from the f1 generation?

You cross two organisms from the F1 generation to get the F2 generation.

How many Pokemon in kanto johto hoeen Sinnoh and isshu combined?

There are a total of 649 Pokémon once you count the first Generation or Kanto Generation, the second Generation or Johto Generation, the third Generation aka the Hoenn Generation, the fourth Generation aka the Sinnoh Generation and the fifth Generation also known as the Unova (or Isshu in Japan) Generation together.

Which generation is called the generation of artificial intelligence?

sixth generation

What generation is the offspring of the parental generation?

The offspring of the Parental generation are termed the F1 or First filial generation.

Does a population's frequency of alleles change from generation to generation?

Generation-to-generation change in the allele frequencies in a population is _____.

What generation ipod touch has parental controls?

2nd generation through 4th generation. not first generation

Mendel was the first person to succeed in predicting how traits are from generation to generation?

how traits are PASSED from generation to generation.

What is P1 Generation?

In genetics, in a pure-breeding population, the parental generation is the P1 generation. The off-spring of the P1 Generation is called the F1 Generation

What starter Pokemon is the best?

BESTTorchic (best), Hoenn, Generation IIIOshawott, Unova, Generation VTurtwig, Sinnoh, Generation IVChimchar, Sinnoh, Generation IVGOODCharmander, Kanto, Generation I & IIISquirtle, Kanto, Generation I & IIITepig, Unova, Generation VMEDIOCREPiplup, Sinnoh, Generation IVSnivy, Unova, Generation VTotodile, Johto, Generation IICyndaquil, Johto, Generation IIBADBulbasaur, Kanto, Generation I & IIIMudkip, Hoenn, Generation IIITreecko, Hoenn, Generation IIIChikorita (worst), Johto, Generation II.

What kind of generation is the offspring of the parental generation?

The next or subsequent generation.

Generation-to-generation change in allele frequencies in a population is?


Which generation of the fern plants is said to be the haploid generation?

gametophytic generation

What is meant by the F1 generation?

f1 generation means new generation.