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GeoCities is a web-hosting site with both free and paid accounts. It said to be available in the U.S. but is now only maintained in Japan.

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When was Yahoo GeoCities created?

GeoCities was founded by David Bohnett and John Rezner in 1994 as Beverly Hills Internet (BHI). Yahoo acquired GeoCities in 1999.

What services did the Geocities website provide?

Geocities is a web hosting service, available only in Japan. Geocities provides a selection of 'cities' where users could host their website according to category.

Where to make a anime fansite for free?

FreeWebs, Tripod, Geocities, just to name a few.

How are companies such as Yahoo Geocities able to offer free Web hosting services?

Simply by displaying their Ads.

Why can't i get to my Yahoo page or email?

You habe to register with yahoo and create an email account . Then you need to create your webpage at geocities or you can blog at yahoo 360

Is Richard Henry Lee related to Robert E. Lee?

Richard Henry Lee was a great uncle to Robert E. Lee. Verified thru geocities.

Who created the original Hamster Dance?

The original creator of the catchy little tune called Hamster Dance was a Canadian art student by the name of Deidre Lacarte. It was created for a Geocities page.

How do you allow people view your webpage?

first and foremost you have to have it on a server and have a host. (i.e. geocities is both) after that, anything is viewable under the URL or directory you use unless you specifically program it for your eyes only.

Why would a husband hide his geocities site and how can you find it?

It would only be a wild guess on my part why your husband is hiding geocities sites. He could have deleted them. Here are some places he could have saved them:Favorites Documents On disc or floppy (Highly doubtful) Sometimes when I'm researching in my job I will put important sites on my desktop (meaning on the main menu of your computer.) All you have to do is double click on these. It's doubtful your husband did put them on the desktop, but you just never know.

Is there a way to build a website for free?

Yes. Previously I mentioned, which was another site a while back. Like Geocities, you can have a URL and a site to put together how you like through many different options.

The particular way one is characterized through social media is called a?

The particular way one is characterized through social media is called a geocities. This can be done in a few different ways.

When did Yahoo Geocities end it's free service in favor of Website Hosting?

Yahoo's Geocities closed it's free service in favor of fee-based website hosting on 26 October 2009.The only way to get into the millions of html pages (also JPEG, GIF, and PNG) on this repository, is to get into Yahoo Website Hosting for a nominated fee. However, if you can secure the services of Wayback Machine (see related link), all of the files that you deposited on this repository can still be accessed today.

Who is the cowboy jedidiah?

just watched night at the museum - had to research "jedediah". Found info at geocities. Entire name is Jedediah Strong Smith, explorer in early 1800's. Not at all like Owen Wilsons character.

Can you get free web hosting for a simple HTML page?

After the death of geocities, decent "free" webhosting has become downright rare. Whichever providers are there, they will fill your page with ads. Sometimes dishing out $20 dollars a month is not so bad.

How do you get a website on the internet for free?

You can use many different sites, such as Geocities or Freewebs to create your own website, Unfortunately, if you want to have a decent amount of control over your site, or be able to do anything neat, you must shell out some money for a server and web domain.

What are the wire definitions in the stereo harness in a 1998 Subaru Forester? Geocities is dead. Pin-outs are now on new site. Also, there's a different table for Foresters:

Why is Geocities closing?

I've noticed a lot of sites seem to have been closing over the past 6-12 months. My guess would be the same with other sites that have closed - they're simply unable to continue with maintenance costs due to the current economic downturn.

How do you start a website about an animal?

You can go to geocities and that can sometimes help you make a website. Or just search something like 'make a website' or 'free website starters' and make the URL about the animal (i.e. cheetah - ) and it should have a manual on how to do everything! good luck yo!

Where can one find a video on the Hamster Dance song by Hampton the Hamster?

The Hamster Dance song, made popular by an art student's Geocities website, has been featured in many different media. One of which is a YouTube video, which has full animation to the full-length song as it was produced on an album.

How do you reset the airbag warning light on a 1998 1.8 vtec Aerodeck Honda?

SRS Reset Procedure with PicturesSee Josh Zworg's how-to here: It worked for my '04 Civic.JoKing2Unfortunately, geocities no longer exists. Anyone have another link that might be helpful?

How do you post an internal link on geocities?

Use the tag:address">textWhere address is the address of the link you want to link to and text is what you want the link to say (instead of a long address string).Since you are linking within geocities you could use something like:See my pictures.instead of the full address such as:See my pictures.If the pages are in the same directory on your account, you can use: Go to page 2. This will make a block of text or words clickable for the user to bring them to another page (or even another part of the same page if long and scrollable - but that's another tutorial).

Can you design a website without paying?

Absolutely. Learn some HTML and you can design your own sites by hand, or get a copy of a helper program such as Dreamweaver (not free) or an equivalent. There are lots of sites that provide ad-supported hosting for free. Tripod and geocities used to be the main ones, not sure anymore. Check out freewebs and weebly too.

Does the Spanish book Caminos Peligrosos have an English version?

yes im reading this in spanish and i found a version online. its doesnt have chapters 2 3 or 4, but o it is Attention: GEOCITIES has been shut down and this website is no longer available. Good luck Spanish students!

How can you replace Geocities and Yahoo?

For Web Hosting, if you're willing to put your creativity to good use:The answer is WIKIA.Wikia was created by the members of the board of trustees of Wikimedia (Wikipedia). The co-founder's name is Angela Beesley.For email, there is no better alternative than the good old GMAIL. You could try Hotmail but I doubt you'd want to use it.

What exactly is google web hosting and who uses it?

Web hosting is mostly a community that was like geocities, a mostly free domain with set amounts of usage and data storage that if you want more you may pay a free for addition space and bandwidth, but it can be free for small personal website creations, like for instance the web Wiki encyclopedia things use it as well.