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What is George FitzRoy's birthday?

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George FitzRoy was born on December 28, 1665.

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Who is Henry FitzRoy mother?

Henry Fitzroys mother was Elizabeth "Bessie" Blount.

Where was George Washington's birthday party?

When is George Washington's birthday

When is George Harrison birthday?

George Harrison's birthday is February 25

When is George crums birthday?

George Crumbs birthday is on October 24, 1929.

How Old Is George Sampson and When is his Birthday?

George Sampson is 16 at the moment and his birthday is the 29th June

When is George Washingtion Carve's birthday?

George Washington Carve Birthday is January 22, 1973

When is George Washingtons half birthday?

August 17<or my birthday>

Why do you celebrate George Washington's birthday?

Only Americans celebrate his birthday.

When is Max George From the wanted birthday?

His birthday is September 6, 1988.

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George Will was born on May 4, 1941.

When is George clooneys birthday?

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President Washingtons birthday is on Febuary 22. /(^o^)\

When is George Washington carvers birthday and where?

George Washington Carver's birthday is not known but he recalls that it was in 1864. He was born in Diamond, Missouri. Hope I helped!

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George Clooney was born on May 6, 1961.

What is George Foreman's birthday?

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What is George Goyder's birthday?

George Goyder was born on June 24, 1826.

What is George Shiels's birthday?

George Shiels was born on June 24, 1886.

What is George Pataki's birthday?

George Pataki was born on June 24, 1945.

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