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Q: What is George Washington Carver college name?
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Why did George Washington Carver add a w n to his name?

George was the son of slaves, his family owned by a man named Carver. When he went to Iowa State Agricultural College, he adopted the middle name Washington, reportedly because there was another George Carver at the school.

What is Middle name of George Washington Carver?

George Washington Carver's middle name was just said yourself in your question his middle name was Washington.

What was George Washington carver's brother last name?


What was George Washington Carvers first name?

Growing up George Had been known as Carver George. When he started school he went by the name: "George Carver". He later added the W and told his friends it was Washington. That's how he got the name "George Washington Carver"

What is George Washington Carvers Middle Name?

His middle name is Washington. He got it because before he was just George Carver but than there was a second George Carver so he added a W. Later people asked what the W stands for and he said Washington

Did George Washington Carver have a dog?

Yes he did. George Washington Carver gave all animals respect.

Who are George Washington Carver's parents?

His father is Giles and his mothers name is, Mary.

What man discovered over 300 uses for the peanut?

It was Dr George Washington Carver (1864? - 1943). He was from Missouri and was a very important agricultural innovator.

What is George Washington's middle name?

You have written the answer to your own question!!!George Washington Carver.

Did George Washington Carver have children?

Yes. He had a girl and her name was Susan Carver.

What was George Washington carver's mom and dad's name?

susan may carver

How did George Washington Carver get his name from?

He got his name from his parents.