What is German in Welsh?

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Almaenaidd <adjective> German

Almaeneg German (language)

Almaenes German woman

Almaenwr, German man

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Q: What is German in Welsh?
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Was the queen's father German?

No, he was welsh.

Is cascada Welsh?

nope shes German

What language is on the Welsh 3 feathers?


Can the pronunciation of the German ch be found at the start of the English name Hugh?

Unlikely - Hugh is in fact a Welsh name (spelled Huw in Welsh). As Welsh is a Brythonic language whereas both English and German are Germanic languages the grammar, pronunciations and so on of Welsh are very distinct to those found in English and German.

How do you say the word chocolate in other languages?

French chocolat German schokolade welsh siocledAnswerfrench chocolat German schokolade welsh siocledtagalog-'tsokolate' from spanish chocolate

What is the nationality of the surname Bearss?

I believe that it is German, the Bearss family can be traced back to German and Welsh Beginnings

What is Happy Christmas In German and welsh?

Nadolig llawen in welshfrohe Weihnachten / fr&Atilde;&para;hliche Weihnachten in german

German word for Welsh?

noun der Waliser adj - walisisch

What is Jill Wagner's ancestry?

Jill Wagner comes from a German and Welsh ancestry.

Welsh language education?

What about it? I have my education through Welsh. All lessons are taught through Welsh appart from Other language lessons such as English French or German. For GCSE's , everyone who has their education through welsh do English Lit , English Lang , Welsh Lit , Welsh lang. For A levels , everything is still taught through welsh... You can choose Welsh as an A level , in the same way you can choose English as an A level

What does Gwynn mean in German?

I don't think Gwynn is a German word, you are probably mistaking it for the Welsh name which i think is Gwen in english.

What is the welsh word for puppy?

ci bachPronounced as English "key" + the name of the German composer.

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