What is Greenland culture?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Greenland culture is currently a blend of traditional Inuit and Scandinavian customs. Traditional art techniques of the Inuits such as whale-ivory carving continues to thrive today. The national sport of Greenland is association football.

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Q: What is Greenland culture?
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What was leif ericsons culture?

Icelandic. He was born in Iceland and lived in Greenland.

What region is Greenland in?

Greenland is not in a region. Greenland is in the territory of Denmark. There are many regions in Greenland.

Who was Eric the Red, and what did he do that led the vikings to North America?

900's Eric also founded the first Nordic settlement in Greenland.

What type of presents do they get in Greenland?

..The same kind of presents you can get anywhere else around the world. There's always a little bit of culture in every country.

What is the capital for Greenland?

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland

What country has the most land above the Arctic Circle?

Greenland is on the Arctic Circle, Iceland is near it.

What large island is northeast of Canada and northwest of Iceland?


What is Greenland symbol?

what is the greenland symbol

Is Greenland a state or what?

Greenland is a country.

What is a Greenland?

sulfur derived from Greenland

What is Greenland known for?

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Is Greenland in the southern or northern hemisphere?

Greenland is found in the Northern hemisphere.