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Q: What is Gregor Mendel's Law of Dominance?
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How would you explain the law of dominance?

The law of dominance is Mendels Law, which is a principal in genetics limited and modified by subsquent discovery of the phenemonon of linkage. The law of dominance is Mendels Law, which is a principal in genetics limited and modified by subsquent discovery of the phenemonon of linkage.

Did gregor Mendel experiment with pea pods?

Yes, Gregor Mendel experimented with pea pods. He formulated Mendels law of inheritance around 1856. He came up with three main laws: 1. Law of Dominance 2. Law of segregation 3. Law of independent assortment

What is Gregor Mendels First name?


What are gregor Mendel's laws?

law of segregation, independent assortment, and dominance.

What experiment method did gregor Mendels use during his study of inheritance?

Gregor Mendels goal was to figure genetics

What was gregor mendels hobbies?

He was a professor.

What was Mendels contribution to the study of biology?

Mendel discovered three laws of heredity: the law of dominance, the law of segregation, and the law of independent assortment.

What is gregor Mendels contributions to society?


What other experiments did Gregor Mendel do other than the Pea Plant?

yes he invented mendels law of segregation

What was gregor mendels nickname?

Father of modern science

How does Gregor Mendels discovery affect today?


What is gregor Mendels field of study?

genetics. Gregor Mendel was and still is considered to be the father of genetics

Which of Mendels principles explains why the offspring is albino?

dominance and segregation.

Which of Mendels principles explain why the offspring is albino?

dominance and segregation

List and explain the three laws that Gregor Mendel developed?

1. the Law of Dominance 2. the Law of Segregation 3. the Law of Independent Assortment

What is the date of gregor Mendels death?

Gregor Mendel died on January 6,1884.He was 61 years old

What is gregor mendels main contribution to biology?

Discovery of principles of inheritance

What do mendels principles apply to?

Gregor Mendel developed principles of heredity.

What was Gregor Mendels sisters name?

Veronika, oldest, Theresia, youngest

Where was gregor mendels work first used?

i have no clue so tell me

What is dominance in gregor Mendel's discovery?

i have no clue

What was Gregor Mendels education?

Gregor mendel went to the university of Vienna where he studied in biology until he became interested in genetics

What were some of Gregor Mendels hobbies?

He hobby was to raise the plant in the monastery garden.

What was Gregor Mendel's contributions to science?

Gregor Mendel is the father of genetics. By mathematical analysis he showed that inheritance was particulate and not a blending of traits. He determined the following "laws of genetics": Law of Dominance Law of Segregation- (not a racial thing; it has to do with genetics) Law of Independent Assortment l

Mendels law of segregation states that?

Mendels law of segregation states that alleles in the pair separate when gametes are formed.