Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel was a scientist. He is known as the founder of genetics.

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Gregor Mendel

Why did Gregor Mendel use purebred pea plants?


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Gregor Mendel

Why was Gregor Mendel important?

He is known as the Father of Genetics. He has laid the first stone in the field of genetics. His theory was very important in supporting the theory of evolution.

Gregor Mendel

What plants did Gregor Mendel study in order to learn about how traits are inherited?

Pea plants.

Gregor Mendel

What is the family background of Gregor Mendel?

Gregor Mendel

Mendel was born July 22, 1822 into a German-speaking family of Heinzendorf, Moravia, Austrian Empire (now Hynčice (part of Vražné), district of Nový Jičín, Czech Republic)." His family has never been highly recognized and there is very little information on them. They say his father was a gloomy fruit farmer, and his mother was cheerful.

Gregor Mendel

What 3 principles of Heredity did Gregor Mendel discover?

Dominance, segregation and independent assortment

Gregor Mendel

What are some of the major accomplishments of Gregor Mendel?

Gregor Mendel is called the father of genetics. He was a monk who studied pea plants to find out about genetics. He discovered many new things.

A:Discovered the dominant and recessive mode of genetic inheritance A: (Exact quote)

Gregor Mendel was carrying out experiments that would establish the foundation of modern genetics. In the classic experiments on peas performed by Mendel from 1857 to 1863, he found that each physical trait of the plant was controlled independently by its own unique pair of factors that he called elementen. These elementen are now known as genes. Each parent packages half of its genes into its gamete, the egg and sperm. Upon fertilization and conception, the embryo offspring inherits equal parts of its mother's and father's genes. The importance of Mendel's work went completely unrecognized during his lifetime. It wasn't until the early twentieth century when a new generation of scientists began to unravel the mechanism of heredity that the buried genius of his work was discovered.

Gregor Mendel

What did Gregor Mendel do?

Mendel was an Austrian monk who investigated the inheritance patterns of seven different characters in pea plants ( Lathyrus odoratus ). He established three important laws of genetics as law of segregation, law of independent and law of dominance assortment along with many minor laws as law of unit character .He established foundation of genetics although it was recognized 16 years after his death by 3 German scientists . Overall, he was revolutionary (posthumously) in establishing the way in which the physical characteristics of organisms can be inherited from their parents. He was one of the earliest people to conduct scientific research in what was to become the field of genetics. He devised some new types of crosses e.g. test cross , back cross , reciprocal cross , Mendel is founder of Genetics .
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Gregor Mendel was the first to discover that organisms have different traits, or alleles, and one is dominant and recessive. He discovered this by studying pea plants.

Gregor Mendel

Who was Gregor Mendel?

The realization that traits and certain diseases can be passed from parent to offspring stretches back at least to the ancient Greeks, well before any genome was actually decoded. People often said that people and other things showed that they were 'blended' and that they showed traits from mom and dad that were blended.
That changed when a monk from Austria noted that when he bred pea plants that different out comes were seen. He spent many years keeping notes and records for the monastery.

The first person to put heredity to the test was Gregor Mendel, who systematically tracked dominant and recessive traits in his famous pea plants. Mendel published his work on the statistics of genetic dominance in 1866 to little notice.

But the painstaking work of cross-breeding pea plants wouldn't be unnoticed for long. In 1869, Swiss physician Johannes Friedrich Miescher became the first scientist to isolate nucleic acids, the active ingredient of DNA. Now the ideas that Mendel proposed made sense.

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Gregor Mendel

How did Gregor Mendel influence Hitler?

Mandel studied what we now call dominant and recessive traits. he showed how some traits of an individual could be passed to their young. most of his work was done on peas and actually rejected when he asked other scientists if they agreed. it wasnt until (i believe) after his death his work was 'rediscovered' and shown to be correct and useful.

the nazi conscept of a pure race used information that we had gained about human genetics (such as if you have blond hair you must be homozygous for the blond gene) and, through some unbeknown to me process, decided that this made you better than others.

one thing that is important to remember is that science can tell you what is true (or rather what may be true) and not what is morally correct. in my opinion, just because you are homozygous for a specific gene, doesnt mean you are morally superior or inferior than anyone else. i would go far as to say that most people agree with this now-a-days.

Gregor Mendel

Who was gregor Mendels family?

He has a sister named Abbigale Whenstin. Two brothers named Andrew and Chistopher. His mother's name was Mayline Mendel. His father's name was Gregory Mendel.

Gregor Mendel

What is Gregor Mendel's contribution to the study of genes and heredity?

Gregor Mendel is known for his study of the inheritance of certain traits in pea

plants. this is were he stoped

he also showed that the inheritance of these traits follows particular laws, which were later named after him. The significance of Mendel's work was not recognized until the turn of the 20th century. Its rediscovery prompted the foundation of the discipline of genetics.

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Gregor Mendel

Where did Gregor Mendel first learn about flowers and fruit trees?

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Gregor Mendel

Why did Gregor Mendel choose pea plants for his experiments?

Gregor Mendel chose the pea plants for his experiments because the garden pea is an ideal subject in the study of genetics for the following reasons:

-- presence of observable traits with contrasting forms

-- produces many offspring in one cross

-- short life cycle

-- ease in manipulating pollination (cross pollination)

Pea plants had the following chacracteristics:

  1. plants were sexually reproducing with bisexual flowers
  2. self pollination and self fertilization is possible
  3. the life cycle was completed in one season
  4. hybrids were perfectly fertile
  5. many varieties with well-defined characters were available i.e. presence of seven pairs of contrasting or allelomorphic characters

Pea plants (leguminosae) have an irregular flower in which the top part of the corolla is much larger than the lower part (Hitchcock and CronquistFlora of the Pacific Northwest p228). If you haven't ever seen a pea flower, it looks much like a snap dragon bloom. This feature keeps the flowers from freely pollinating each other by wind, as they are tightly shut. If protected from pollinating insects, they will only self pollinate, or if the anthers are clipped off they can be very selectively pollinated by a person. This gave Mendel much tighter control over the crossbreeding of the plants.

Because pea plants are easy to propagate and have 7 observable traits like Seed Shape, seed color, Seed coat color, pod shape, flower position and stem length

This can be speculated, but pea plants were probably picked because of their ability to reproduce quickly. If Gregor Mendel had used an animal, he would have had to wait many years before being able to study the passing on of traits.
He chose them because they are quick and easy to grow and several peas are produced in each pod. It is fortunate that he chose the plant that he did, and that he chose the characteristics he did to observe. Some plants would have been much more difficult to work with.
Gregor Mendel

Where was Gregor Mendel born?

Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) was born in Heinzendorf bei Odrau, Austrian Silesia of the Austrian Empire (now the Czech Republic).

Gregor Mendel

Which university did Gregor Mendel graduate from?

Gregor Mendel studied at the University of Olomouc and the University of Vienna.

Gregor Mendel

What did gregor john mendel invent?

The rules of modern genetics.

Gregor Mendel

Why is Gregor Mendel considered the father of genetics?

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Gregor Mendel was considered as the father of genetics because he was the first one to understand how DNA worked. Mendel was famous for working with pea plants. He breeded different kinds of pea plants to get certain kinds of colors of peas. Just like artists it took him to die for people to really listen to his theory. Luckily other scientists have proved his theory. Here are two quotes by gregor mendel:

My scientific studies have afforded me great gratification; and I am convinced that it will not be long before the whole world acknowledges the results of my work.

The value and utility of any experiment are determined by the fitness of the material to the purpose for which it is used, and thus in the case before us it cannot be immaterial what plants are subjected to experiment and in what manner such experiment is conducted.

He discovered dominant and recessive genes and was one of the first to actually use Punnett squares.
Mend al was considered as the father of genetics because he was the first one to understand how DNA worked. Mendal was famous for working with pea plants. He breeded different kinds of pea plants to get certain kinds of colors of pea.

Gregor Mendel

What is Gregor Mendel's Branch of Science?

Mendel is known for his work in genetics.

Gregor Mendel

What is the basis of mendels principles?

- Inheritance of biological characteristics is determined by genes, which are passed from parents to their offspring

- In cases of two or more forms (alleles) of the gene for a single trait exist some forms of the gene may be dominant and others may be recessive

- Most sexually reproducing organisms, each adult has two copies of each gene-one from each parent. These genes are segregated from each other when gametes are formed

- The alleles for different genese usually segregate independently of one another

Gregor Mendel

What best describes the result of Mendel's work with pea plants?

he discovered the scientific method

Gregor Mendel

What was Gregor Mendel's role in genetics?

Gregor Mendel developed the theory of inheritance and heredity. Mendel expirimented with the garden pea plant. First he pollinated short pea plants with tall pea plants. The next generation of pea plants resulting from the expiriment were all tall pea plants. He bred two of the pea plants from thhe new generation and they ended up having 3 tall pea plants and 1 short pea plant. There seemed to be two different traits. One trait seemed to appear in every generation, this was called the dominant trait. One trait seemed to disappear; this was known as the recessive trait. Mendel discovered this, though his discoveries weren't discovered until 1900.

Many people have helped pave the pathway of genetics. Charles Darwin discovered different characteristics of finches as he sail through the galapogas islands, Punnet created the punnet square(a chart used to predict traits among offspring) and Watson&Crick discovered the structure of DNA, the hereditary information found inside the nucleus. DNa is found inside your genes which, by the thousands are found on your 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Did you know proteins, found in ribosomes determine how tall you will grow, your hair color, and many other qualities about yourself?

Mendel was important as he showed that the inheritance of certain characteristics followed certain laws. In his experiments with pea plants he showed that:

1 in 4 had two dominant Alleles ('flavours' of a gene)

2 in 4 had a dominant and a recessive allele

1 in 4 had two recessive alleles

In short he proposed a mechanism for how inheritance worked

Gregor Mendel

What did Gregor Mendel die of?

Gregor Mendel died of Bright's disease (kidney [acute or chronic] nephritis) on January 6, 1884 in in Brünn, (now Brno, Czech Republic). He was 61 years old.

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Gregor Mendel

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Gregor Mendel

What was Gregor Mendel famous for doing?

"Gregor Johann Mendel (July 20, 1822 - January 6, 1884) was an Augustinian priest and scientist, and is often called the father of genetics for his study of the inheritance of traits in pea plants. Mendel showed that the inheritance of traits follows particular laws, which were later named after him. The significance of Mendel's work was not recognized until the turn of the 20th century. Its rediscovery prompted the foundation of the discipline of genetics."


Gregor Mendel

Who were Gregor Mendel's children?

Gregor Mendel was a Roman Catholic priest and monk, so he was not allowed to marry, to have sex or have children.


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