What is Gusset typing?

Updated: 12/6/2022
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Q: What is Gusset typing?
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In crocheting what does gusset mean?

A gusset in crocheting is the same as in other clothing/soft furnishings ie: a pair of Pantie Hose has a Gusset, it makes an area wider, usually in the same material as the rest of the garment/soft furnishing

What does bust a gusset mean?

To bust a gussset is to get so enraged that you split your clothes.

What is a better word than kill?


What does womens vaginal fluid on the gusset of a thong look like And what happens to the gusset when a women gets wet Apart from it getting wet lol?

sometimes when a woman is wet itll get pasty when it starts to dry and it sorta turns whitish/clear what the heck is a gusset?

What Is a gusset?

A gusset is a clothing feature used to improve fit or for reinforcement of some type. It is triangular shaped. An example is that triangle that's sewn into the front of sweatshirts. That's a gusset used for reinforcement. You will find them in shoes, in the form of stretchy triangles on the instep of slipons to improve the fit.

How do you sew a gusset in pants?

The gusset is designed to give extra "give" in a garment that fits too tight. To do this, open the seam where you need to have extra room. A gusset is a piece of material that is shaped like a double triangle (or diamond) and is made from the same material as the pants. You cut a gusset from the fold of material as if you were making a long, pointed triangle. When you open the gusset, you have a wide section in the middle and four points. This gets pinned into the pants with the long points at the ends of the seam that you have opened, and the "fat" part gets pinned at the other two seams that no longer meet. Match edges, baste into place and try the alteration on. If it fits well, then sew the new seams together. If it doesn't fit well, trim the gusset carefully, repin and baste. Keep doing this until the correct fit happens, then sew the gusset into place.

What are some synonyms for gusset?

A gusset is a small, triangular piece of material added into the seams of clothing to help ensure a better fit or as a reinforcement. Two words with this same meaning are gore and godet.

How do you prepare welds for examination?

by flahing the gash and sniffing the gusset juices

What is an cotton gusset?

A cotton gusset is a piece of cotton fabric of various shapes, usually oval, that is found between two seams of a garment. It allows for slightly more expansion in hosiery between the legs.

Will the Kenneth Cole Briefcase hold a laptop?

Kenneth Cole Reaction Laptop Bag, Leather Double-Gusset Zip-Top,Kenneth Cole Reaction Laptop Tote, Triple-Gusset Zip-Top,Kenneth Cole Reaction Laptop Tote, Single-Gusset Zip-Top are some of the models those can hold lap top.

What is a hairy gusset?

Natalie Bunting:A hairy gusset is a tuppence that is extremely hairy.It is very very fishy and if you taste it will be the best thing you have ever tasted!!! :) xShona Long:A crack in your tuppence that has a thousand hairs on it!!! x

What nicknames does Angus Diamond go by?

Angus Diamond goes by Gusset, and Gnome Weasel.