What is Guyana like?

I have visited Guyana many times! Guyana is a Caribbean place. It is never cold there. It just rains and has a lot of sun, and a lot of mosquitoes! Guyana is a free and independent country! You can build your own house anywhere in Guyana, but in America, you cant do that, you have to buy a house. Guyana is a poor country, but never mind that. my whole family is from Guyana, but I was born in Queens, New York NY.

Guyana is a great place and has great vacations there; and since it is hot every day in Guyana, its a great day to go to the beach almost everyday!

When kids go to school, they are required to wear uniform everyday. Girls must braid their hair and cannot leave it loose. The kids do get a little spanking at schools if they do something wrong. The schools are very strict which keeps you concentrated on your schoolwork.

The food in Guyana is delicious; they have chow mien, fried rice and chicken. They also have roti, which you can eat with bora and alu, or squash, duck, goat, or chicken curry; dahl, or pumpkin. They also have, which you can eat that with all of the above. you can visit Guyana to see the different foods they have.

In Guyana is that since its a tropical place in the Caribbean, Guyanese people LOVE hammocks. I personally love hammocks too! They're so cozy when you can sleep in it, and people do sleep in it. Almost all the houses in Guyana have a hammock or two. They are fun to rock in and are very relaxing.

Guyana is very hot, that's why they have mosquitoes all the time. In Guyana, you can keep a farm with chickens and turkeys and cows and pigs and sheep, even a peacock. My family has a farm in Guyana and I saw all the animals and I got to hold a little baby chick. There are animals that roam freely around Guyana and they "do their business" anywhere, like on the street. Make sure you don't step in it! But seriously, watch out for those animals and the snakes too.