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From 2008:

Admit Rate: 7.7%

Middle 50% Test Scores:

SAT Reading: 690-800

SAT Math: 700-780

SAT Writing: 690-790

For the Class of 2013:


Applicants: 29,114

Admitted: 2,175

Anticipated Matriculants: 1,665

Geographical Breakdown:

New England 17%

Middle Atlantic 24%

South 16%

Midwest 11%

Pacific 20%

International 12%

Intended Field of Concentration:

Humanities: 22%

Social Science 26%

Bio Sciences 26%

Physical Sciences 7%

Engineering and Computer Sciences 11%

Math 8%

None listed <1%

Typical Package for Freshman Scholarship Holders

Total Budget $53,000

Parents' Contribution $11,000

Student Assets and Summer Savings $1,250

Harvard, Federal and Outside Scholarships $39,200

Job Offer $1,550

Sources: Harvard Undergraduate Admissions Office Website and article "Harvard University - SAT Scores, Costs and Admissions Data"

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Q: What is Harvard freshman class statistics?
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