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untill tomorrow and a hug

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Q: What is Hasta manana y un abrazo?
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What does ne en lugar manana te vo a visitar te y darte un abrazo mean?

'ne' I don't understand en lugar = in place manana te voy a visitarte y darte un abrazo = tomorrow I'm going to visit you and give you a hug

What does iTe mando un abrazo con mucho carino means?

te mando mucho carino y abrazos

What are 4 ways to say goodbye in spanish?

Adiós - Bye Hasta Luego - See you later Hasta Pronto - See you soon Hasta Manaña - See you tomorrow Nos Vamós adiós _ see you bye Adiós buenas noches - bye good night

How do say I want a hug and kiss in Spanish?

Quiero darte un beso apasionado = I want to give you a passionate kiss

How do you say thank you for your time and have a good day in spanish?

The answer is "gracias" for thank you and "adiós" for goodbye. The phrase, "Thank you and goodbye," would be, "Gracias y adiós." There are several ways to say goodbye in Spanish: adiós ("goodbye"), despedida ("goodbye"), hasta mañana ("until tomorrow"), hasta luego ("until later"), hasta la vista ("until next time"). So you could also say, "Gracias y despedida" or "Gracias y hasta mañana" or "Gracias y hasta luego" or "Gracias y hasta la vista."

How do you say I can't wait to see you again and give you an enormous hug in Spanish?

No puedo esperar en volverte a ver y darte un enorme abrazo. (:

What is the Barney song in spanish?

Te quiero Me quieres Somos una familia alegre Con un grande abrazo y un beso de mi a tu por favor dije me quieres tambien

How to say Hugs and kisses in spanish language?

The translation for hugs and kisses is " Abrazos y Besos". I know so because I'm a Latina. That means being a Hispanic person.

Espero que estes bien y deseandote un hermoso diate doy la gracias por tus detalles me encantaron y deseo lo mejor para ti en este dia te envio un beso y un abrazo de todo corazontu amiga de todo?

If you want that translated, your question needs to SAY that you want it translated.

What is an appropriate answer to Y hasta La Proximia?

'Y hasta la proxima' means 'And till next time', so you could probably repeat 'Hasta la proxima!'

What does a las ocho y media de la manana?

"A las ocho y media de la manana" means "at eight thirty in the morning" in English.

What is 'for tomorrow' in spanish?

Hoy y manana