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Kona coffee

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Q: What is Hawaii's largest export?
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What was hawaiis export to the US?

Sugar cane

What was hawaiis primary export to the united states?

sugar cane

What Hawaiis main export?

Coffee, macadamia nuts, pineapple, sugar,

What are Hawaiis largest cities?

Honolulu and Hilo.

Is hawaiis state capital the largest city?

yes hawaiis state capital is the largest city in hawaii and hawaii's state capital is Honolulu. thank you if you have any more quastins this site will answer it

What is Australia's largest export?

the Australia's largest export market is coal

Which is the largest export of Nigeria?

the largest export in nigeria is crude oil

What is Nigerias major mineral resource and largest export?

The major mineral export is diamonds and the largest export is oil

What is Hong Kong's largest export?

The electronics industry is Hong Kong's largest export earner

What is the largest export per pound from Florida?

1true fact about florida largest export per pound

What is France second most largest export?

I believe france's second most largest export is manufactured goods.

Which country's largest export is cocaine?

Colombia. It has 90% export of cocaine.