What is Hollywood Arts?

Updated: 11/7/2022
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a high school in the show Victorious.

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Q: What is Hollywood Arts?
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What is the school's name in victorious?

Hollywood Arts

Where are Hollywood Arts at?

Hollywood,California of course

Are there real schools like Hollywood arts?

there is actually a school that is basically exactly the same as hollywood arts. its called New World School of the Arts it is located in downtown miami florida. i'm a student there and it started in the late 80s

Is there such thing as Hollywood arts?

YES,Hollywood Arts offers classes in the performing and visual arts that inspire and transform at-risk and homeless young adults.

Do they film victorious in Hollywood arts?


How do you get tori on who are you at Hollywood arts?

what couler represents your persanality

Where can you go to see victorious justice?

hollywood arts

What is Victoria justice school name?

Hollywood Arts

What Victoria Justice school name?

Hollywood Arts

Where is the pear store?

in los angles where is hollywood arts high

What are the release dates for The Seven Lively Arts - 1957 Hollywood Around the World?

The Seven Lively Arts - 1957 Hollywood Around the World was released on: USA: 29 December 1957

Is Hollywood arts from victorious real?

No, but it's based on a real performing arts high school in Chicago. The exterior of the school is filmed at Hollywood High School.