What is Holocaust denial?

The idea or belief that the Holocaust never took place, or that certain facts surrounding the Holocaust have been fabricated or greatly exaggerated.

Some further points

In addition to outright denial of the Holocaust, the following are also widely considered forms of Holocaust denial:

1. Claims that the number of victims was much smaller than the widely accepted figure of about six million.

2. Claims that the Holocaust was carried out purely on the initiative of Himmler and the SS without Hitler's approval or knowledge.

The first of these is an attempt to address what we historically accept as truth, with the facts that have surfaced and contradict this number. The second is an attempt to present it as mismanaged group of renegades.

Still More Points

1. Multiple chemical analysis's have shown low levels of cyanide residues in the gas chambers. These are compared against delousing facilities which used the same gas to kill lice. They are also compared against barracks. [[CITATION NEEDED]]

2. There are claims about the two most famous gas chambers in the Auschwitz Birkenau camp that the Zyklon B gas pellets were introduced through holes in the roof of the gas chamber. When first examined there were no holes in the roof. The Allies eventually knocked holes in the roof, but these are clearly not in the correct place because the rebar was still in tact. Attempts at scanning the roofs with a Ground Penetrating Radar have been refused by the Curators and other hostile parties.

Another interesting point is that the Nazis demolished these buildings, along with many others, with explosives. If these holes had existed, a structural engineer pointed out, they would have left fractures starting at the holes. [[CITATION NEEDED]]

3. The very creator of the same Birkenau gas chambers was tried and found not guilty. He points out that not only were these buildings not built as gas chambers they were incapable of ever becoming gas chambers.

4. The Auschwitz Stammlager Gas Chamber was built after the war by the Polish military. There are pictures in existence of it's construction and can be found in a few books.

5. The camp death books do not suggest that anything near 6 million people, let alone Jewish people, died.

6. There are conflicting pre and post war head counts of the Jews. This is important because the pre and post war head counts are the only source of the 6 million figure. There are not 6 million names or bodies or ashes to back the 6 million.

7. Several holocaust historians have written "Scholarly" works that detail how many died in each camp. The problem is that none of them actually agree with each other.

So either they are making the numbers up, or they all have different data.

8. It's claimed that as many 1/3 of the dead were, at one point, buried in Treblinka. A ground penetrating radar and core samples all show that no such grave ever existed in that area.

9. Holocaust survivors often tell tales that do not match evidence or are even in tune with reality. One of the more popular tales is of a woman who claims she survived by living with wolves. Another is of the married couple who went on national television to tell how they met in one camp, later discovered to be frauds. These are only two of the most popular and obvious tale tellers.

10. Mathematical analysis of the cremation process, what was available to the Nazis, and time do not suggest that they could have disposed of so many dead bodies through cremation.

There are many more arguments used by deniers, some of them very strong and logical, but until a bipartisan and more professional research effort is carried out it's unlikely we will ever know if they are right or wrong.