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What is Honduras famous for?

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Honduras has many locations of historic interest from both the pre-Columbian era and the Spanish colonial era. The major industries are minerals, cloth and fruits (especially bananas).

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What Honduras is famous for?

Honduras is famous for the bananas the produce and sell

What famous athletes are from Honduras?

Rhonaldio is from Honduras. He is famous for soccer/football.

What is copan honduras famous for-?

Copan, Honduras is famous for the ancient Mayan Ruins.

What famous landmark are in Honduras?

copan ruins are in honduras right?

What are 4 of Honduras famous landmarks?

4 famous landmarks in Honduras are Copan, Comagua, basilica de Suyapa.

Who is a famous athlete from Honduras?

Hendry Thomas, a soccer player, is a famous athlete from Honduras. He was born in La Ceiba, Honduras, and has played for several teams including Olimpia and Colorado Rapids.

What is copan Honduras famous for?


What is a famous sport or hobby in Honduras?

Football (soccer) is the most played sport in Honduras.

Who are two famous Honduras people of Honduras?

Francisco Moraza, Miguel Estrada or America Ferrera

Who is famous from Honduras?

Soccer players, for the most part, are very famous in Honduras. The most notable players are: Carlos Pavon, Carlo Costly and David Suazo.

Famous people from Honduras?

Steve Van Buren

Who is a famous person from Honduras?

There are many famous people from the country of Honduras. These people include Rocsi Diaz, Carlos Mencia, Satcha Pretto, as well as Roberto Sosa.

What are some famous monuments in the Honduras?

i don't know but Copa is a famous ruin!! Sorry

What are the 5 famous landmarks of Honduras?

one of them is the Copan Ruins.

What is the name of the second most famous soccer team?


What are some famous soccer players from Honduras?

some famous footballers from Honduras are : Maynor figeuroa Wigna LB, Wilson Palacios Tothenham CM, Humberto Suazo, Inter milan ST

What are some famous people from Honduras?

There have been many famous people from Honduras. Some of these famous people include scientist Salvador Moncada, tennis player Izza Medina, soccer player Carlos Pavon, and singer Angela Bendeck.

What famous person born in Honduras?

America Ferrera and David Archuleta

What famous people have come from Honduras?

America Ferrera,David Archuleta.

Are there any famous landmarks in Honduras?

Yes. The Mayan Ruins in Copan.

Who is a famous person born in Honduras?

One famous person from Honduras is chief Lempira who led a defensive battle against the Spanish in 1537. José Antonio Velásquez - a painter (born 1906 - d. 1983).

What are sone famous buildings in Honduras?

the ball court and the great plaza in copan

What food and beverage is Honduras famous for?

carrot orange juice and plantain chips

Who are famous people from Honduras?

There are many famous people from Honduras, including singers like Angela Bendeck. It also includes soccer players like Carlos Pavon, scientists like Salvador Moncada, and writers like Julio Escoto.

What are some famous places in Honduras?

Some places in Honduras include: Cathedrals such as Santa Rosa de Copan Fortifications like San Fernando of Omoa And last but not least, the most amazing and best tourist attraction in Honduras, The Copan Ruins.