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Q: What is International audience?
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Who are Philip Morris International targeted audience?

Adult smokers.

What is the purpose and who is the audience of eBay?

eBay functions as a online auction marketplace where people around the world can sell or bid on thousands of products. The audience of eBay is the average consumer, usually looking for a good deal or a rare item. eBay is an international company with an international audience.

Marc Jacobs International Company target audience?

all ages

What are the release dates for The Audience - 2006?

The Audience - 2006 was released on: USA: 24 August 2006 (Palm Springs International Film Festival)

What is the target audience of online banking?

businessman, international business people on trips,

What are the advantages of international advertising agencies?

The advantages of international advertising is that you can reach an international audience and increase your profits. They also have a multi cultural and diverse viewpoint and can help you reach different demographics.

Can you go to hip hop international just to watch and not compete?

I would imagine they would have an audience for that purpose.

When was the CNN international service launched?

The international version of the CNN (Cable News Network) service was launched on the first of September 1985. The initial target audience was primarily business travellers.

Which magazine is subtitled 'The International Magazine for Men'?

The magazine is called "Maxim" and it is subtitled as "The International Magazine for Men." It covers topics such as fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle aimed at a male audience.

What are the release dates for Audience Award Winner - 2008?

Audience Award Winner - 2008 was released on: USA: 19 October 2008 (Chicago International Film Festival) USA: 4 April 2009 (Wisconsin Film Festival)

Marketing mix differ in domestic and international environment?

The marketing mix differs in the domestic and international environments due to their varied dynamics. The marketing mix refers to the price, product, promotion and place which will be different in terms of the targeted audience for domestic and international markets.

What does contemporary audience mean?

Contempory audience means a audience now. A recent audience.