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It is the history of Ireland (a nation in the British Isles) and the Irish people. Im from Ireland and I dont consider myslef to be from a nation in the British Isles

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Q: What is Irish history?
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How do you spell history in Irish?

the Irish for history is stair

What place does Irish dancing have in Irish culture?

irish history

When was Irish Republican History Museum created?

Irish Republican History Museum was created in 2007.

What has the author John O'Hart written?

John O'Hart has written: 'Irish pedigrees, or, The origin and stem of the Irish nation' -- subject(s): Genealogy, History, Lending library 'The Irish and Anglo-Irish landed gentry' -- subject(s): Irish Genealogy, Irish Ancestors, Irish Family History, British, Genealogy, Gentry, Landowners 'Irish Pedigrees;or' -- subject(s): Genealogy, History

What has the author P C Gallagher written?

P. C. Gallagher has written: 'A short history of a notable Irish family' -- subject(s): Irish Genealogy, Irish Ancestors, Irish Family History

What are facts about Irish history?

Irish comes from Ireleand. Ireleand a small country in europe near the UK. Irish Flag Colors Green white and Orange. Irish have big holiday aka St . Pattricks Day. Irish have Many history.

How did the Irish immagrants get to America?

The Irish got to America by a boat. It was then that they made history.

What has the author Brian Griffin written?

Brian Griffin has written: 'Irish studies in Britain' -- subject(s): Congresses, History, Irish National characteristics, Irish literature, History and criticism 'The bulkies' -- subject(s): History, Police, Crime

Where can you find the English pronunciations of Irish words and names in Irish history?

In an english/Irish dictionary!. Available at read

What is Irish nationalism?

Irish nationalism refers to Ireland's struggle for independence during its history, wanting to be a an independent Irish nation.

What is the name Irish Dance?

If what you are asking is What is the word for dance in Irish? It's damhsa [dhowsa] or rince [rink-ye].A dance as a function is damhsa, céilí [kaelee], or rince. For a short history on Irish dance see the link History of Irish Dance.The name for Irish dancing in Irish (Gaelic) is: rince Gaelach.

What has the author Edward MacLysaght written?

Edward. MacLysaght has written: 'Irish eclogues' 'Irish families' -- subject(s): Crests, Dictionaries, Genealogy, Irish Genealogy, Names, Personal, Personal Names, Irish Family History 'A guide to Irish surnames' -- subject(s): Irish, Names, Irish, Names, Personal, Personal Names 'Irish life in the seventeenth century: after Cromwell' -- subject(s): Social life and customs 'Supplement to Irish families' -- subject(s): Genealogy, Irish Ancestors, Irish Genealogy, Irish Family History 'Irish families; their names, arms, and origins' -- subject(s): Personal Names, Irish, Genealogy, Irish Genealogy, Irish Family History, Irish Surnames, Irish Names 'Sir Horace Plunkett and his place in the Irish nation' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Irish Agricultural Organisation Society

What nation has the history of oppressing the Irish?


How do you say the word history in Irish?


What has the author Joseph L Jackson written?

Joseph L. Jackson has written: 'Genealogy of an Irish sept' -- subject(s): Genealogy, Irish Genealogy, Irish Family History 'The history and genealogy of the Burnham family in England and America, with genealogical history of allied families'

What has the author E O'H written?

E. O'H has written: 'The O'Reillys of Templemills, Celbridge and a pedigree from the old Irish manuscripts brought up to date, with a note on the history of the clann Ui Raighilligh in general' -- subject(s): Irish Genealogy, Irish Ancestors, Irish Family History, Irish Pedigrees

What has the author John P Cullinane written?

John P. Cullinane has written: 'Further aspects of the history of Irish dancing' -- subject(s): Folk dancing, Folk dancing, Irish, History, Irish Folk dancing 'Further aspects of the history of Irish dancing in Ireland, Scotland, Canada, America, New Zealand and Australia'

Where does the last name Daley come from?

Irish: variant spelling of Daly. In Irish: Ó Dálaigh, a famous literary family in Irish history.

What has the author Brian Hanley written?

Brian. Hanley has written: 'A guide to Irish military heritage' -- subject(s): Archival resources, Directories, Local History, Military History, Irish Military History

What has the author John C Linehan written?

John C. Linehan has written: 'The Irish Scots and the \\' -- subject(s): Scots-Irish, History, Irish Americans, Irish, Genealogy 'The Irish Scots and the Scotch-irish (Our Maryland Heritage)'

What has the author D J Hickey written?

D. J. Hickey has written: 'A dictionary of Irish history since 1800' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, History 'A new dictionary of Irish history from 1800' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, History

What is the history of the Irish people?

Irish people are neglected Scots that moved down to form there own country.

What has the author Duald Mac Firbis written?

Duald Mac Firbis has written: 'The genealogies, tribes, and customs of Hy-Fiachrach' -- subject(s): Irish Genealogy, Irish Family History 'On The Fomorians And The Norsemen' -- subject(s): Northmen, History, Irish Genealogy, Irish Pedigrees

What is the history of the Irish flag?

the roman catholics were part of it

How can you tell if you have Irish heritage?

Trace your family's history.