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What is J. Robert Oppenheimer's birthday?

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J. Robert Oppenheimer was born on April 22, 1904.

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What is Robert J. Sawyer's birthday?

Robert J. Sawyer was born on April 29, 1960.

What is J. Robert Hooper's birthday?

J. Robert Hooper was born on July 27, 1936.

What is Robert J. Wilke's birthday?

Robert J. Wilke was born on May 18, 1914.

What is Robert J. Flaherty's birthday?

Robert J. Flaherty was born on February 16, 1884.

What is Robert J. Van de Graaff's birthday?

Robert J. Van de Graaff was born on December 20, 1901.

What were Robert oppenheimers main accomplishments?

His main accomplishment was he made the first atomic bomb. And help American troops save there lives

What does the j in j Robert oppenheimer mean?

the J on J Robert Oppenheimer means Julius....

When was J. J. Michel Robert born?

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