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What is Jamaicas national flag?

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A diagonal yellow cross which divides the flag into four triangles with the hoist and outer side colored black and the upper and lower triangles in green.

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What are jamaicas most famous land marks?

its motto out of many we are one, the national flag. food, music, ect.

What is Jamaicas state bird?

The Doctor-Bird is jamaicas national bird

What is Jamaicas first national motto?

jamaicas' motto is OUT OF MANY ONE PEOPLE

What do Jamaicas eat?

Jamaica's national dish is Ackee and Saltfish.

What is the meaning of Jamaicas national motto?

out of many one people.

What is Jamaicas favorite dish?

Ackee and saltfish is the national and favorite dish

What are the sports in Jamaica?

cricket is jamaicas national sportgood runners

What is jamaicas official flower?

The Jamaican National Flower is Lignum Vitae (Guiacum Officinale).

Is ackee and salt fish the traditional food of Jamaica?

Yes it is Jamaicas national dish

What does Jamaicas national anthem mean?

well it is asking god to bless jamaica and all who inherits

What our national flag?

Depends where you live. . . . . .

What is Jamaicas national sport?

Football is the nations most played sport. However as it has not declared one, Jamaica doesn't actually have a national sport

Can a national anthem be played if you are raising a flag that is not the national flag?


Which is the first national flag of world?

Bangladesh's National Flag

Is sri lanka does not have national a flag?

is macedonia have a national flag

Who is the designer of Indian national flag and When did Indian national flag adopted?

Pingali Venkayya designed the Indian national flag.On 22 July,1947 Indian national flag adopted .

What is Jamaicas food?

Jamaicas food is multiple foods combined from their culture and history

What color is on every national flag?

There is no colour that is on every national flag.

What is a national flag really represent?

a national flag represent the continent that has it

Why do we have a Phiipppine flag?

Any national flag is a symbol of national sovereignty

Country without national flag?

There is no country without a national flag.

How do we dispose of an old national flag?

how do we dispose of an old national flag

Which national flag is the oldest flag?

Denmark's flag.

What flag is the national flag of Goa?

the indian flag

What flag is the national flag of Thailand?

like a flag