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What is Justin Bieber's new perfume called?


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Justin Bieber's new perfume is called Someday.

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Justin Biebers new fragrance is called Someday.

Justin Bieber's new album will be called My World.

Justin Biebers New Movie Is Called Never Say Never And It Comes Out On February 11, 2011.

Justin Bieber's new movie is called "Never Say Never".

Well, it depends on where you live.. If it's in your country, other than that, you can mostly find it in Macy's.

Justin bieber is coming in this movie that is called valentines day ( :

It's called "Someday" will be released on June 20th

No, Justin Bieber's new album is not called Baby. Baby was his first single for the album My World 2.0.

Justin Bieber's new perfume 'Someday' is for girls.

u smile its a song he wrote for his fans

jutin biebers new album is 12 dollars

Justin biebers new album isn't called baby it is called my world part 2... the only songs that have been released are baby and never let you go. it will come out in February 2010

His newest video that has come out is "Eenie Meenie," but he has a new video that will be coming out that is called "Somebody to Love."

my world Justin Bieber's new album is called My World. His next album will be called My World part 2 in May or March. Justin Bieber's new album is called My World 2.0. His first one was called My World. his newest album which will be released in 2012 is called believe

Hes not making a movie

Snookies new perfume is called Snooki Perfume bySnooki Nicole Polizzi

Justin bieber does not have a new girlfriend .. he's dating selena gomez

Its called My World 2.0 and it comes out on March 23rd

It came out on March 24 not long ago its called My World 2.0

yes they do have Justin Biebers new CD in Boaz Alabama wallmart

The new Justin Bieber hairstyle:) I really dunno, i think it dosent have a name:))

his cisins are in new york and boise also macall

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