What is Kane's 2nd theme song called?

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2010-06-24 19:33:03

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theres not a name to kanes theme song

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2010-06-24 19:33:03
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Q: What is Kane's 2nd theme song called?
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Who sings dolph zigglers 2nd theme song?


What is the theme song for Ghost in the Shell?

A: If you mean "Stand Alone Complex" (the first season). The theme song is called "Inner Universe". The second season, 2nd Gig... that theme song is "Rise". The artist most well-known in the G.I.T.S. theme songs is Yoko Kanno, see link to a wiki site about her music below.

What is the dragon ball z Kai ending theme song?

Yeah Break Care Break - 1st opening theme songKokoro no Hane - 2nd opening theme song

What was the first song that UB40 recorded?

The first song that UB40 recoreded is I will Survive and the 2nd is The Barney Theme Song.

What is the Ghost in the shell 2nd gig theme song?

the ghost in the shell second gig theme song is called Opening theme: Rise, Music: Yoko Kanno, Lyrics: Tim Jensen/Origa, Vocals: Origa source:

Who sings the vampire knight theme song?

on/off both themes or openings 1st opening is called Futatsu no Kodō to Akai Tsum 2nd is called Rinne: Rondo

What is the name of ray masterio's theme song?

The Name of his theme song 1st - : (619) 2nd - Booyaka 619 by Mad One 3rd - Booyaka 619 (Remix) by P.O.D. and Mad One

What is the Ghost in the shell 2nd gig closing theme song?

"Living Inside the Shell" by Steve Conte .

What is WWE Rey Mysterio's old theme song?

1st Theme : (619) 2nd Theme : Booyaka 619 by Mad One 3rd: buniya Guerrero la dicionario ( Eddie Guerrero's old theme tune)

Who sings kelly kellys theme?

Deseree Jackson. It is called Holla (2nd remix)

What are undertakers theme songs been from the WWE?

Undertaker has had 3 themes i think. His first theme and current theme is called "Rest in Peace". His 2nd theme was "Rollin" by Limpbizkit. And his 3rd theme was "You Gon' Pay".

What is the best footy team song in the afl?

the moment in the A.F.L times the Melbourne demons song is winning with the best theme song and 2nd is Richmond and 3rd is essendon The Western Bulldogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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